You want to become an online coach?

Coaches' rights and responsibilities on eGG-one school

eGG-one school is the first platform for booking specialist online coaching lessons on a variety of subjects such as video gaming or I.T. Take part in the adventure!


Value your passion

You're an expert in your field, and you would like to share your knowledge?

Becoming a coach on eGG-one school means being put forward and recognized by the community.
It also means being committed to maintaining the level of competence required for ensuring your students the best possible coaching.


Earn Money

Like some of our experts who eat, drink and sleep coaching, you would like to make a return on your coaching activity without having to travel to see your students? With 15% commission including bank fees, eGG-one school offers a significantly cheaper service than other players in the specialist coaching lesson market (between 40% and 60% commission).

Becoming a coach on eGG-one school means being totally free to set your working hours and rates.
It also means regularly keeping your availability up to date and being present in front of your computer when a lesson is booked.


Make yourself known

Every day, our marketing team works and invests (Adwords, Facebook, Partnerships....) in bringing you as many students as possible.

Becoming a coach on eGG-one school means being part of a reference site and amongst numerous partners.
It also means using the tools on offer to share your profile online.


In total security

Security and confidentiality are essential aspects in all internet activity. All messages exchanged and all payments made through our site are 100% secure.

Becoming a coach on eGG-one school means having the assurance of getting paid in total security for every hour of coaching lesson given.
It also gives assurance to the student that they will be refunded in case of teacher absence.


Administrative management

With its entirely automated agenda, and numerous management tools (dispute management, payment management, automatic invoicing, marketing reports, etc.) our technical team tries to satisfy all the coaches' needs.

Becoming a coach on eGG-one school means benefiting from the best tool on the market for giving lessons with peace of mind.
It also means having access to a personalized administrative assistance service (declaration, status, etc.) upon simple request.


The marketplace

The marketplace model possesses a number of advantages:

- A global audience with all locations and teaching domains brought together
- Users reviews and the reactivity of a dynamic platform
- The best possible establishing of relationships between any given coach and student

Becoming a coach on eGG-one school means benefiting from all the advantages of the first marketplace for online coaching lessons in the world.
For our best coaches, it also means generating more than $15,000 per year in extra revenue!