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“Experienced, PvP, All Classes. Now back for BFA Season 1!”

My name is Travis, and i have been a wow player since the game first came out in 2004, Over the past 10 years the game has changed due to the release of new expansions, and i know adpating to new classes, and abilites is never easy, but i always jump right into it and start learning straight away, I have been a big fan of PvP, Bgs, Arenas and all, so I've mastered alot of PvP tactics over my years of playing, and i would love to start sharing with others to help boost their own performance in PvP

I Do not attend University Or school, So im currently available for most times and can be flexible with lessons, i will always be pre-prepared before every lesson to begin

Typical Lesson Plan

On Our first lesson, i will have a written document and i will have you tell me all you want to learn and experience throughout this lesson and others, i will then give you a copy of it and start off by going through the basics.
1. Keybinding/Controlling your character, i will be teaching you the most effiecent ways to keybind and place your hands when pvping to help maximise you effiency.

2. Thoroughlly explaining you class/specialization and how it works in pvp and going into fine detail on how to exceed at it over other players,

3. I will ask you to demonstrate you current skills in a arena, then explain how you performed in arena, first by saying how well you did, then by adding some things you could of done to do better and up your damage a bit.

4. Strategies/Compositions, I will explain all of the different comps that you will be viable for then go into alot of detail on how to perfect that as best you can, and the harder comps for your class, and the easier ones. 

5. I want to leave every lesson knowing you have learnt more than a few things, and that you fully understand and that you will be doing better, i will make sure by the end of the lesson you have a complete idea of a comp you will play with and you know exactly how to play it, then throughout  more lessons we can progress with how you are playing and how much you have improved and where else you can do even better on, there is always room for improvement!

List of Achievements

  • 75,000 Player kills
  • Over 2000 arenas won
  • Duelist

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