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“reach me out on FB "Via aka Viebator"”


Hello there!

I am Via, former Magic: The Gathering veteran playing TCGs since 1995. Hearthstone player since early beta, Legend rank test season 1 onwards (4th EU end of the very first ranked play season). 

Former member of the team Planetkey Dynamic Tt. Esports where I met players like Xixo, Faramir or Lothar.

You might know me from the HearthStone Fr Strategy Youtube channel where I have commented gameplay videos about going Legend rank with unorthodox decks, from vids of my own or from various Hearthstone Tournaments/Leagues like Gentlemen Cup.

Gentlemen Cup stats

Couching-wise I have experience running a MTG class in local free time centre for children and I have read pretty much every article piece regarding card game theory and strategy and I am ready to pass the knowledge and/or direct you to some useful articles regarding your level of experience.

As an Arena player, I was able to go infinite. Going infinite in the arena - means you can play Arena again and again paying the entry fee from previous Arena rewards (most of my HS cards are obtained from Arenas this way).

Typical Lesson Plan

- deck construction, class strategy and card evaluation

- play by play, what cards to keep/let go in your opening hand, what to watch out for from your opponent


- card game concepts like tempo, card advantage and synergy

- what is metagame and how to use it to your advantage

- what mistakes to evade in deck construction 

- what mistakes to evade in play

- your deck evaluation and tweaks



Working mic and some screen sharing application (Skype for example) or Teamviewer required for coaching.

List of Achievements

  • EU ranked play first testing season
  • GosuCup Hearthstone #0
  • ESL 1on1 Winter Series (34W-12L)
  • ESL Christmas Cup 2013
  • Hearthstone #13
  • ESL Hero Cup 8: Shaman
  • Topdeck EU #3
  • Hearthstone #20
  • GosuCup Hearthstone #19
  • Hearthstone #12
  • ESL Late Night Cup #4
  • Various TOP 8 Zotac, Gosu and ESL cup placements

I rarely stream, but on the Twitch page there are links to my Youtube channel and Facebook page.

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