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“available for coaching!”

My name is Lukas Heumos and I’m 18 years old. Video games have always been a passion of mine.

I started out playing Age of Empires 2 when my dad introduced me to the game when I was 6 years old. Afterwards I played the old Command & Conquer series. Subsequently my older brother got a copy of Warcraft 3. I guess I played Warcraft 3 for 5 years. Dota 1 and League of Legends were titles that I also played (and still play Dota 2). When Starcraft 2 came out I was placed in gold league. I quickly worked my way up to Master League when it was introduced. I’ve always been more ambitious than my friends that I’ve been playing Teamgames with.

My friends didn’t find Starcraft 2 too interesting anymore and quit the game. That didn’t stop me, now I had time to only play 1v1s.

Currently I’m still going to school (Gymnasium). I’ll have my final exams in March/April 2015 and will be done with school by the end of June.

Typical Lesson Plan

Depending on your needs I can do anything for you!

It's possible for me to coach you play by play or I could go over some replays of yours.

1. My preparation

Before we begin the coaching I'll watch a few replays of yours, so that I can already point out a few flaws in your play. In result I'll be able to decide on which things to focus on. This will help you focusing on your biggest weaknesses and therefore more efficient practice afterwards.

2. The lesson starts!

I will explain the most obvious things that you need to work on. Afterwards it's up to you to decide how you want me to coach you. Do you want me to teach you a build? Or we could watch replays together to increase your game knowledge. If you have friends on your skill level I could teach you play by play and coach you when you are playing, so that you can finally beat your friend ;)

3. The End

I will summarize everything we have discussed and send you replays incase there's a need for them. If you have any requests at the end of the lesson, I will try to try to fulfill them.


List of Achievements

  • Top 16 IEM Qualifier EU
  • Top 8 EPS Germany
  • ESL Pro series Cup Germany

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