5 hours given
Race Zerg, Random
League Master
Serveur Europe, Americas

“2 hours buy, 1 hour free”

Hello, my name is Victor *VicTahy* Martins, i'm a 18 years old player from Paris !

Started SC2 2 years ago, that was my first strategy game, what a chocked when i play it for the first time ! Full battlecruzer! Anyway, i like a lot this game and i up from bronze to master in only 300 victories with zerg in 1c1. but it's only after the christmas of 2012, after geting a new computer. i'll started to play seriously, and then, only 1 month after that i'll started to meet DIMAGA, dragon, puck, rotterdam qxc, but also Stephano.(he's a little bit my god) 

But when i saw this widow mines this hellbats! And Stephano saying goobye. 

I'll stop play for really, i lost a lot of level but i'm still top master zerg and master random, so a friend mind says to me, *why you don't coach some people?, You're good and you like that* So i came here. 

I'm not the best player EU but i think i know a lot of things nice about this game.

I don't write and talk perfectly too, but when it's about Starcraft 2, there's no probleme. I hate french commentaries on tournaments, so i'm always listenning english and US. :)

Typical Lesson Plan

That will be simple.

First part: we talk a little bit in skype before the start, about what's your probleme, what match up do u want to train, do you want to be a god maccro player or simply, crush your opponent when you  see a little door to do it!


Second part: I'll see your replay or i'll see you playing to see your mistakes and your good points.


Third part: I'll explain you  why you lost, what's your gameplay probleme, and right after this we'll make another game where i coach you, i say to you what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to react for making you pick the right decision. 


Last part: We'll take a little bit of time, i'll give you the note i did. And i explain you again the points you need to know perfectly after this lesson. I'll stay always there skype for you if you have any question.




Skype: victahyouken (victor martins): If you have any questions! 

e-mail: [email protected]

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