“Grandmaster Protoss Coach”

Dear fellow StarCraft players,

First , let me introduce myself . I am Vaklin Petkov, 23 years old and currently studying economics in my 3rd year. I am a Grandmaster Protoss player from Bulgaria on both European and North American servers. I've been as high as top10 on the American server while maintaining 2 accounts in the European Grandmaster league last season. I have participated in multiple online tournaments (Zotac , Go4sc2 , The old Playhems ) placing high in many of them, most notably 4-5 top4 finishes eliminating respected players like EmpireKas , AcerBly , FXOLoWeLy, ROXKISTitan and many more. I have my fair share of offline events as i've wonplaced high in many of my country's  home tournaments. I play a defensive macro-oriented style revolving around harrassment that would allow me to build a powerful late-game composition. I have a deep understanding of maps and different playstyles so i base my strategy on the opponent i am facing and the map we are playing. I am an experienced Random Player as well , placing as high as top8 master with Random multiple seasons (on my offrace account).

I have been a coach for the bulgarian team HardwareBG for a couple of months and have done many coaching sessions for free on my stream. This is why i consider myself to be experienced and helpful when it comes to coaching. I am a tolerant, respectful and patient teacher with fluent english that digs deep into his work and will definitely be of great help if you are seeking to develop your skills and strategical understanding. I take my StarCraft seriously so be sure i will not be wasting your and my time teaching you bullcrap. I play everyday against the best players on the NA and EU servers so you can be 100% positive that the strategies you will be taught are up to the metagame and the most modern understanding of the game. I strive to teach my students how to play solid to ensure the best winratio possible but on demand i can show them a plethora of all-in/cheese builds in any match up. Builds and Strategies i am offering during my coaching sessions are always backed-up by replays of my own execution of these builds on ladder.


My coaching is mainly for Protoss players because i am the most knowledgeable in that area.

Still i think i can be of great assistance to anybody masters and below seeking in-depth advice regarding his Terran/Zerg play.

I am very knowledgeable when it comes to gaming peripherals , especially gaming mice and mechanical keyboards, so i can also help you in chosing the set up that would fit you the best.

I am very fit person who does not disregard the physical aspects of playing StarCraft multiple hours every day so i am working out/ keeping a diet that would keep my mind and body in a healthy and productive state. I am willing to help everyone who seeks help in that direction.

I can help you if you have troubles with lack of motivation after losing streaks, ladder enxiety , fear of tournaments , negative mindset and many other problems an uprising starcraft player can encounter.

In-Game Hotkeys, Settings , Control Groups , etc are things i can help you optimize too.

My coaching sessions are designed by the students themselves because for me it is important for the customer to have freedom and interact with me as much as possible. Coaching is a cooperative work so communication is the key to success , i do not plan on keeping someone on a rigid schedule against his will.

I give my students a lot of homework so they can  focus their practice in the right direction when they are not being coached directly.

I have never had an unsatisfied student so that's why i am offering a refund if you feel my coaching has not been up to your standards.


Typical Lesson Plan

My ultimate goal is to offer helpful, efficient coaching that emphasizes on the the troublesome areas of the student's play while offering flexibility and entertainment value.

My coaching consists of multiple activities , which the customer can combine/mix in a manner of his choice.

Every one of those activities requires talking through Skype because i talk/explain a lot throughout the whole coaching session.

  •  1v1 versus Me with Replay Analysis through Skype immediately after the game. I can play all races at pretty high level so i am a good practice partner in all match-ups.
  •  1v1 versus opponent of your choice while i am in the game observing and coaching giving lessons tips hints advice directions live through skype.
  • Resume from Replay Practice. If a player wants to focus on practicing a certain scenario how to defend an all in how to react in a certain situation; he can show me a replay where he encountered trouble and with the help of the Resume Replay function i can play his opponent in that game until he learns to handle the situation perfectly. This is one of the most efficient ways of coaching imho.
  • Replay Analysis. Complete and thorough replay analysis through skype for replays of students choice. Students are free to ask as many questions as they want and i will do my best to answer every one of those. I also give thorough lessons on how to review your own replays in the most efficient way in order to learn and excell at your game.
  • Discussions about the Game. Along the way to perfection every player has these moments where he feels lost. In my 3 years of playing StarCraft i've had my fair share of those and i would've excelled a lot faster in my game if i had someone i could talk to and ask for direction. I want to give my students just that by offering them the chance to talk with a much experienced gamer about many things that might be troubling them . Things like finding your own playstyle, overcoming a difficult match-up , keeping up with the metagame, recovering after a losing streak , practice routines , mental excercises to keep the motivation up and so on - i can help you. Believe me.
  • Micro , Engagements , Compositions These things are being practiced through Micro Maps and Unit Tester maps where me and the student practiceexperiment with these aspects of the game by playing out battles between armies/unit compositions that the student feels he has trouble dealing with.
  • Homework I give a lot of homework so you can practice and learn while you are not under my strict surveillance. I demand replays of the games that are done as homework so i can review them and rate them.
  • Rating System. I will be evaluating your progress with points so we can keep an eye on how well is the practice going. This way you can observe the progress you are making over time.

All these things combined together form my Lesson Plan . The Student decides which of those activities  and in what order/quantity he wants them to be. Of course if the Student has something else in mind we can discuss it and implement it in the coaching sessions.

List of Achievements

  • StarCraft2bg.Net Tournament
  • Samsung Euro Championship Bulgaria
  • Psicup #2
  • Psicup #3
  • Open
  • ESL Pro Series Online Season

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