11 hours given
Race Terran
League Master
Serveur Europe, Americas

“Knowledgeable. Dedicated. Terran Love.”

As a Terran coach I am dedicated to help you reach your goals in the beautiful game of Starcraft 2. 
A little about me first:

I am a former analyst/writer for mYinsanity, the leading e-sports organisation in Switzerland. I have extensive analystic experience and employ this to provide you with detailed replay analysis and strategic insight. 

I do not believe a coach needs to be at the very pinnacle of the sport to teach people, however I am dedicated to reach the highest MMR levels possible to ensure the best quality of lessons available. I am currently a 5K MMR Terran on the EU server, with my strongest matchup traditionally being Terran vs Zerg. 

My playstyle is very flexible, as I adapt to the meta and switch up styles to reach my goals wether it is MMR-gain or to train my macro skills. I can teach All-ins and Mech play. 

Typical Lesson Plan

I try to run a tight lesson plan and it usually looks something like this:

- Conversation and establishing your goals before the lesson.
If you want to learn an all-in, we don't need to cover the intricacies of lategame playstyles. 
- You either provide me with a replay or link to a game of a style you want to learn or you just tell me what you feel suits you best. 
We go over the replay/playstyle and establish the best way to get you there. 
- I teach you a build or help refine a build you are currently playing.
Afterwards we test the build in unranked gameplay or in custom games. 
- Feedback and critique at the end of the session. 
I want my students to give me feedback and vice versa, it's a learning process for both of us and we can both improve our capabilities. 

I provide you with a written buildorder and/or replays after the session. 

List of Achievements

  • 5K MMR Terran for past 2 seasons
  • Go4SC2 top 16 finisher
  • DSCL competitor

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