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“Masters Terran coach!”


Good day.


I’m Alex and I’m an EU Masters-Level Terran player. I’m a dedicated player who can prove that determination can get you anywhere; I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 for just over a year, and yet in that time I got to Masters level with no previous experience, through hard work, persistence and a lot of time put into the game at all levels. I expect to bring this same success to any students who are interested in my coaching. As a player, I keep my play style and range of play extremely diverse, while still maintaining very high standards of skill across the board. I can play, and coach all Terran playstyles (Mech, Bio, and All-ins).  It doesn’t matter to me what level of play you’re at, from Bronze to Masters I’ll coach you to success in both short and long-term in your Starcraft career.

What you can expect from me:

• Patience, it can take time to be successful, however I’m dedicated to giving you the time you need to reach a higher level of skill.

• Friendliness: I’ll expect you to listen, but we can have a laugh while doing so, these will be coaching sessions you’ll enjoy.

• Extensive StarCraft Knowledge: I have knowledge of play styles all across the board, with a proportional level of skill that I’ll bring to my lessons, so you can improve.

• Dedicated Coaching: I’m willing to put the time and effort in to construct a lesson that revolves around YOU.


What I would need from you:

• Voice-Communication; Skype or TS with a working microphone.

• A few replays, we need a visual basis on where to begin with your teaching.

• The same level of dedication I put into my journey to Masters, if you can do so, you can expect to improve.


Typical Lesson Plan

Before we completely begin:

Before we begin the lesson, I’ll get to know you better. I’ll talk to you about your goals, what you want to learn/improve and I’ll also ask you for some replays. At that point I’ll study your replays to get a grasp of your level of play and how to improve, where I’ll create a personalised lesson plan revolved around you and what you want to achieve, what level of skill you’re at now, and so forth. Then we will proceed to the…

First Section of the Lesson:

Together, we’ll study some of your replays. As we watch them, I’ll teach you about the game the concepts that surround it, so you can form a deeper understanding of Starcraft 2 and from that, begin your journey into becoming a better player. After discussions about how to improve and what you need to find yourself doing, we’ll move onto the…

Second Section of the Lesson:

While we’re communicating, you’ll play some games and attempt to work on the areas we’ve talked about in the first section. I’ll teach you to learn new builds if required, how to work on your conceptual understanding on the game and any other area that you and I decide need to improve, where we’ll focus on how to do so in the future, bringing the session near to a conclusion.

Concluding Section of the Lesson

We’ll set up some goals, this could be anything from a target amount of ladder games to a promotion. I’ll also provide you with any materials necessary for you to refer to in the future as you continue to play the game. If you enjoyed our lesson and wish to proceed even further, we’ll make further plans about dedicated coaching sessions.


I’m more than happy to coach any player who is interested, I hope that both you and I can set your path to success in the right direction.


Any Questions feel free to contact me:

In-game: HakanSlash.382(EU server)

Skype: Lanoati..alex

Email: [email protected]

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