“Experienced High Level GM Zerg Coach! -Masters Terran and Protoss”

My name is Braden "McMonroe" Wasson. I am a grandmaster zerg on all servers, Masters Terran, and Masters Protoss on the North American server. I have been playing Starcraft 2 since January of 2014. During that time, I have advanced quickly and acheived a high level of play. I am a very strong mechanical player and I favor defensive and reactive styles of play, master of defending early pressure with just queen ling. Very experienced with muta ling bane zvt, hydra ling bane zvp, and ling bane into roach zvz. I am also capable of transitioning into hive and playing late game but favor the mid game much more as that's where most of my success is as well as where most games end. 

Typical Lesson Plan

Types of Lessons

I provide different types of lessons based on what you would like to learn.

  • Macthups (ZvZ, ZvT, ZvP)
  • Learning a Build Order
  • Beginner Coaching




ex. Learning how to play against certain Terran playstyle or defend against a certain build. 


If you want to better understand a certain matchup, then this coaching is for you.


You will either need a practice partner or a replay for this style.


We will start out by reviewing a replay or by watching you play against a certain style against a practice partner. I will then talk you through key points in the game and give you pointers where you can adjust your playstyle according to the map and opponent's unit comp. I will walk you through when to build drones and when to scout and when to expand and when and what units you should build as well as upgrade and tech paths. Then we will do a follow up game vs the same practice partner and review the replay. While concluding the lesson, I'll provide you with replays of either myself or other pros playing vs what you did as well as a detailed build order suited for you and what you need to focus most on. 


Build Orders


Ex. Roach Queen Nydus All-in


If you want to learn a build to get a "free win" in a match up, learn a fun build, or learn something crazy for a tournament, then this coaching is for you!


To start this type of coaching, just have a matchup and or a map in which you would like to learn a build for and I will suggest to you different builds for that matchup and you will get to pick one you want to learn!


Depending on how lengthy the build order will depend on how many builds I will coach you in a session. If it's a simple 2 base ling bane all in, I will be able to teach it to you in under 15 minutes and will have time for a few more builds.


When learning a build order, you don't necessarily need a practice partner or to be warmed up, but it is suggested to be warmed up and have a partner so you can have a more realistic showing of how the build works.


The session will start with you choosing a matchup and possible general style or maybe I'll just teach you an effective build in a match up if you desire. We will then load either an empty game or against an opponent and I will talk you through how to execute it. I might show you a replay of me executing the build before.

 Beginner Coaching

In beginner coaching, you will learn the basics and foundations for zerg players. This will be mostly about injecting, spreading creep, scouting, hotkeys, and when to build army and when to build drones. This type of coaching is for new players and for players who are struggling in the lower leagues (Bronze-Gold). 

You won't need any replay or practice partner. I will talk to you about hotkeys and inject methods before hand and then set you up in an empty game. In the game, I will show you simple and effective ways to play the game.

List of Achievements

  • Top 44 Dreamhack Austin 2017
  • NA Masters Open
  • NA Thunder Thursdays Diamond/Masters #53

I stream quite frequently. Monday-Friday, I usually stream from 7:00 p.m. (Central Time) to around 10:00 p.m. On the weekends, I can be found streaming anytime throughout the day. I turn on my VODs to my stream, so if you miss a stream, you can watch VODs

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