136 hours given
Poste AP Mid, AD Carry, Support
League Challenger, Master, Diamond I
Server EUW, EUNE, NA
Others ex-LCS

“You are not just another student to me. We are a team working on a common goal.”

I offer personalized League of Legends coaching sessions to help you reach your League goals. It’s all about YOU. Let’s talk and find out how far you can go!
With over 10 years of experience and a unique view on the game I am dedicated to be a skilled player and coach.Yes, I live and breathe League of Legends and I want to share my knowledge with you.
  • Season 1-5 challenger player.
  • Season 9 580LP Grandmaster Support Player
  • Ex-EU LCS @Fnatic @H2KGG @Lemondogs @Mousesports
  • Ex-Head Coach @Teamcoast @NRVesports
Personalized coaching
We all have our unique strengths and challenges. I love to see others grow towards the best version of themselves they can be. With my personalized approach each session is focussed on your goals and questions. Before our first session, we will schedule a 15-minute talk to discuss your expectations and give you some practical information. I’ll adjust my coaching approach to your strengths and preferences, so this first talk gives me an idea of what you’re looking for.
• You can book a session every day between 1pm and 12om
• Book 24 hours in advance
• Can’t make it? Let me know at least 2 hours before our session so I can adjust my schedule.
• Feel free to contact me for more information
• Book a session!
Contact information 
• Twitter: @wewillfailer 
• Discord server: coming soon

Typical Lesson Plan

Personalized coaching sessions 

After booking your first session, I will contact you for a short talk to explore your expectations and give you some practical information.

We will discuss what roles and champions you'd like to be getting better at and I will also ask for your ingame name to check runes and masteries. 

During this talk we discuss your goals, where you are at right now and how we can work together. Based on this information I can set up a personalized coaching plan and we can schedule our first session to get started!

Recommended plan for new students

  • Session masteries/runes/itembuilds:
    • to get better understanding of your role
  • Session custom game:
    • a fun 1v1 for feedback on your mechanics.
    • I'll teach you some cool tricks that will make uyou better in a short period of time.
  • Session game analysis:
    • We look at some replays of your games. What I will do is ask you to record all your games and pick out the games you just have no idea what you could have done better or just where you felt you could improve. 
    • Discussion and I'll send you the game with my commentary. This will help you greatly understand what you can do better.
    • Live commentating on your gameplay while you play
  • General talks where you can ask any question you might have about the game or ask me to explain a topic in depth
Overview of some topics we can discuss:
• Map awareness
• Rotations
• Roaming
• teamfight approach
• Winconditions
• 1v1
• laning phase
• trade timings
Basic knowledge
• Championpool
• matchup knowledge
• general relevant information for beginners
• Efficient practice
• Goal setting
• Dealing with tilt
Coaching for coaches
• Coaching techniques 

List of Achievements

  • LCS Season 3 Go4LoL Summer Promotion Qualifier
  • LCS Europe Season 3 Summer Promotion
  • Challenger season 4
  • Challenger season 3
  • Season 1 Championship

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