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Hello everyone!

My name is Max I am 18 years old, and I am here to share my experience with you!
I play league since season 1 so it's over 5 years. 2nd season I ended with about 2000~ elo, S3 Challenger, S4 Diamond, S5 Challenger. Back in the season 3 we participated in ESL tournaments and won some. I am also helping people boost their accounts since 3 years.


Main toplane, jungle and mid.


Coaching include:

 How to play in laning phase
 Picks, counters and bans
 Advanced analytics
 How to make calls
 Builds for specific match ups


I have bunch of smurf accounts so i will take account with simillar mmr to yours.
My services are available on EUNE and EUW servers (NA is optional).
If you have any questions feel free to add me on skype drinkpositivepl


On another website, I have over 171 hours coached with average 


Replays are important, so before you book a lesson, would be great if you make sure that you got it.


Typical Lesson Plan

First, we would go over your runes and masteries analysis.

Second part is watching together a replay with in depth analyse.

And lastly we could play some 1v1's, alternatively duo queue game.

My lessons are not specifically fitted in one hour, I will finish current part of the lesson, not finishing right when an hour is done :)

Sometimes I am streaming my lessons.

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