2 hours given
Poste Solo Top, AP Mid, AD Carry, Support
League Challenger
Server OCE
Others English/Korean

“I can help you become the best you can be!”

Hi there I'm Vince, or Fiddlestrings on the OCE server. I've been playing this game for about 3 years now, from my humble beginnings in NA until I was able to climb to Diamond in season 2 and transfer to OCE in season 3 where i've maintained a close connection to the OCE scene. I've also started to play in the Korean Server which I believe helped me refine my mechanics, understanding of the game and its metas.

In Season 5, i am currently:

Diamond 5 in KR

Platinum 1 in OCE

Diamond 4 in NA

I've played in countless amatuer/semi-pro teams since season 3, unfortunately my studies have held me back in trying to become an "oce pro" (as funny as that is), leading me to a position where I could help those that approached me to be better at the game. I have around 100 hours of coaching experience in all divisions from NA to KR and I'm confident I can help you improve or learn new things - simply winning your lane isn't enough, you'll learn league is much more complex and interesting than it looks.

Typical Lesson Plan

What can I teach you and what you can expect

I am a leading OCE coach in the support, mid and top lane roles, but it doesnt stop there!

  1. We talk - to break down your mentality of the game, your current elo, champion pool, mechanics (more on this) and discuss what getting BETTER at the game really means.
  2. Suggestions and corrections on Masteries, Runes and Item build orders. (In terms of overall effectiveness and "in-game" gold efficiency)
  3. Champion match-ups, counters and advice for each scenario.
  4. Situation skills, Item choices and Summoner spells - also specific combos and skill orders for a range of situations.
  5. In-Depth explaination of positioning during a team fight.
  6. Help you grow you general knowledge of the game; Power spikes, ability and summoner cooldowns, respawn times and lots more.
  7. Detailed Solo Q tactics and attitudes towards teammates.

Developing mechanics take time and repetition, however its best to start off with a correct approach thats assisted by your own insight into the game.

List of Achievements

  • City Hunter Kingston #6

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