“Gain rank - guaranteed!”

I work with my clients to start to see the game in a whole new light so they can begin to structure their learning habits. My method of coaching does not sacrifice rank or game-time, and instead facilitates ways for you to actually climb the ranks during the learning process. By taking a more analytical approach to climbing the ranks as well as seeing the game, I help my clients build a foundation where growth is both understood and can be both replicated + improved upon. While I have a special "1st Step" lesson, I very much encourage my clients to continue to communicate with me afterwards so I can guarantee they stay on track towards achieving their goals. To read what some of my clients have had to say, click here to check out my Top 10 favorite reviews:

What I offer: Lower rates for clients looking for long term coaching| Profile Reviews | Cheap "1st Step" lesson for new clients | Live game analysis | Replay Analysis | Duo Queue in normals | Group coaching | Team coaching | Point you towards the best tools to use for improving | Discord community full of other players working to improve in the same manner as you, and a direct line to contact me.

Specialties: Explaining underlying concepts that will change the way you see the game, making your game-time more efficient, as you will now understand more about WHAT and WHY things are happening the way they are | Champion Pool development | Statistics Analysis | Jungle Pathing (Both Initial Pathing, and how to adjust) | Wave Manipulation | Identifying win conditions | How to position (Lane and Teamfights) 

About me
Former Challenger Team Coach & Player | Top 300 Player (Season 4, before master tier released) | Attending Esport Coaching course by created by @MindGamesWeldon (Coach of G2 Esports and former coach of TSM) | Twitch.Tv & Partner.

Typical Lesson Plan

Courses | 5 Hours
For purchasing multiple hours at the same time, I offer reduced prices. While 1 hour~ can have a strong impact, for substantial growth, more time allots for many more concepts to be explained and reinforced. These hours can be used as you like, although I suggest using 1-2 hours at a time then working on what we review for a while before the next session. Message me here, Twitter or discord for more information!

Standard Lesson
I'll break down how to figure out exactly what champions you should be playing in order to climb. This includes setting up the building blocks to improve at a faster rate, eliminating bad habits, and understanding how to stay consistent while climbing regardless of meta changes. You may only sign up for 1 Standard lesson before moving on to Standard Lesson Continued or another offer.

Standard Lesson Continued 
Often times during the first lesson, we'll have a plan set in place for what to work on before the next. Generally a 2nd lesson will include a review the progress, as well as a vod review. It is dependent on how far along as a player you are, so it's hard to say exactly what will be the best option for YOU. That said, lessons 3+ will very much depend on the previous lessons and what your current goal/focus happens to be.

Please note: 
-Having Discord is highly recommended. 
-Feel free to ask me if my times shown here do not work for you. 
-Write notes, I will go over A LOT of information in an hour, don't want you forgetting. 
-For your replays, if a new patch comes out remember that old games will no longer be available for spectating (at least, in-client). 

Heya! I'm a League of Legends coach who focuses on breaking down stats and building up a profile based on your playsytle. As a streamer, I look to have intelligent commentary & conversations so that we all grow as players.

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