3 hours given
Poste Jungler, AP Mid, Support
League Challenger
Server EUW, EUNE

“Challenger EUW,EUNE player that plays mid/support/jungle.I speak fluid english,croatian”


My name is Marko "Annie_Desu" and I'm a 20-year-old semi-professional Top 50 Challenger league player from Croatia. I have been playing League for 4 years, as Mid, Support and Jungle.

Why should you choose me as your Coach?

  • My language skills are great. I know english and croatian language on a "native" level.
  • I was stuck in a few division in the past, so i know how you feel, and i know how to help you get to a higher division
  • I have been playing in challenger for a long time and i have been winning some small tournaments, so i will always know the current strong in meta picks,etc.

I coach players for Mid, Support and Jungle from bronze to diamond on any server.

I have 4 accounts on which i play, all in diamond/master/challenger, 1 on which i play "mostly only annie", 1 on which i play "only midlaners", and 2 accounts on which i play whatever i feel like.









Typical Lesson Plan

1. First, you will tell me in 5~max. 10 minutes a little bit about yourself and about league.

2. Secondly,we will start talking about the current strong picks for your prefered role, the masteries and runes you should take with the champion you want to get better at, and why you should take those masteries and runes.

3. You decide if we should take a look at a replay of a game you played and discuss what you did wrong in that game/what you should improve on or if you have something else, specific in mind, we will focus on that instead, it's your choice

4. I will wrap the entire coaching lesson up, write you down exactly what you have to improve on, so after the lesson, you will know exactly what you should focus on to become a better player.

List of Achievements

  • Season 5 - Challenger
  • Season 4 - Master/Challenger
  • Season 3 - Diamond 1

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