3 hours given
Poste Solo Top, AP Mid, AD Carry, Support
League Diamond I
Server EUW, EUNE, NA
Others Danish, Carry

“Hi there! :)”

Hello there.

I play on EUNE where i ended season 3 and 4 as Diamond II. My highest achieved rating is diamond 1 with 56 LP which put me in top 1200. I mainly play mid, top and support. I have a smurf on EUW to play with friends which is Diamond V.

I prefer to play assassins. My most played is akali which i prefer top and rarely mid. I play veigar mid. Support i prefer Janna and blitz.

I can coach in every role for bronze/silver/gold people.

When you apply for a lesson i would like you to include a couple of things:

 - Age.

 - Elo.

 - Where you are from.

 - What do you want with the lesson?

 - How would you like this to be accomplished?


An example of this could be:


I am Tarq, im 19 years old and from Denmark and speak Danish and English. I currently play silver III.
I would like to get some help with my top lane garen. I would like to get some help about what to build and masteries/runes. I would like to try some 1v1 in a custom game where you point out some of my laning mistakes. Afterwards it could be nice if you would comment on a replay which i have brought.

Sincerly Me

Typical Lesson Plan

I am usually available in the weekends and in the weekdays from 16-21 but you are always welcome to message me to hear if i can on a specifik time as my schedule is very variated.

List of Achievements

  • Diamond II EUNE
  • Diamond V EUW

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