3 hours given
Poste Solo Top
League Diamond I
Others Renekton, Soloq mentality

“Mechanics,Theorycraft,matchups,lane control and evolving your playstyle:)I can teach you all”

Hey,my name is Andrew I'm from Romania.I played league of legends since season 1 and mained top since then :).I got a great experience on top,I'm also a calm,friendly guy.

For questions add me on:Skype(revolutionro31) or In game(AndreyRo) on EUW

1 hour for 10Euros/15$


  1. If you book 2 hours you get 1 free.
  2. If you get a friend to book a lesson you get 1 hours for free.
  3. If you book 2 times in a 7 days term you get 1 extra hours on a day you choose.
  4. Every 3 hours bought  you get another 1 hour for free.

For questions about the bonuses add me on skype.

Typical Lesson Plan

What you are going to learn from me:

1.We are going to play 1v1 in the matchups you have the most trouble and i'm going to explain every mistake and how to resolve it in every detail.I'm also going to find the good traits and try to improve them.

2.I'm going to spectate your games look for your decision making and flaws.I'm going to talk with you live and tell you every mistake you are doing and how to improve.

3.We can talk about what champions you are playing or want to learn and tell you the most optimal way to do it and we'll train on them if you want.

4.I'm going to evaluate your playstyle and teach you more about it and when to use a certain style in every situation.

5.You can ask me every matchup you want and I'll answer every question you got.

6.I'm going to teach you about your lane control one of the biggest factor in toplane and how much impact has on your lane.I'm going to teach you how to control it take advantage or recover from a bad position.

7.I'm going to teach you how to carry with top and what to do when you are winning or lossing.A alot of people don't know what to do when they are winning and i'll explain it to you in every detail.

8.I'll tell you how to help your whole team without even moving from your lane.

9.We can duo as top/jungler and i can talk with you about everything on the game.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on:


IGN(AndreyRo) on euw.

Cheers and good luck.

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