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“king of adc. lessons to diamond and beyond!”

Hi, I'm Sai. I've been playing League for about three years now and I've been maining ADC for two and a half. I've been Challenger Tier in solo queue three times, and I'm going for my fourth before the season ends. I'm decently skilled (D1+) in all roles, and I think I'm competitive level in ADC. I've streamed at for quite a while, and while I don't get the most viewers, the ones that do watch are great fans and many have told me they've risen in ranks just from watching and listening to my stream.

anyway, that's about it. I'm pretty friendly and laidback, we'll probably have fun in our lessons.

Typical Lesson Plan

Typically I'll go on my smurf, I've currently got an unranked account, a low diamond account, and my main in diamond 1. I'll play on whichever of my accounts is closest to your rating. We'll duo queue a ranked game, with you playing adc and me on support. You will record this game through lolrecorder or another source, and I will talk about literally every phase of adc gameplay while we're playing. Ideally our first goal will be to get you to be able to win every single lane in lower elos. I will be able to provide insight during game and afterwards we will go over the replay of our game, discussing what YOU think you did wrong, and trying to find the best alternatives to fix your playstyle into a diamond ONE. :)

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  • 2500 ELO Solo Queue S2
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  • Rank 1 5v5 NA, i forgot my team name, S2
  • Rank 1 5v5 NA, SouLControL, S3

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