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Hello, my name is Lance, founder support player for team Yolo Queue Strats, currently the #8 ranked challenger team on the 5v5 ladder.  I am diamond 1 in solo queue, and have approximately 4 years of experience in playing League of Legends.  I also have a support guide on reign of gaming, and have experience playing in all brackets with all kinds of players, including pros. :)

Typical Lesson Plan

For a typical lesson, I will discuss with you what your experience in LoL has been up to this point, what roles you main and what champs you play.  Check your match history, runes and masteries briefly to see any inconsistencies or imperfections, and suggest alternatives and point out what is good and what can be improved.  

After talking with you a bit, we will get into one to a few 1v1 matches, where we will play and I will point out any mistakes or choices that can be improved on you and I are making, while also trying to help you develop a strong mindset for actively thinking about the game while you are playing.

After 1v1s, we will get into a 5vs5 summoners rift game, where we will be laning together, and I will be walking through the game with you, coaching you, talking to you about your item choices, positioning, play, and timing of your abilities and whatever else comes to mind. 

Finally, we will conclude with everything we have gone over in the lesson, and I will offer my suggestions for things to help improve your play, your mindset, and helping communicate objectives and certain things with your team in your games! :)

List of Achievements

  • 4 Years of playing LoL, FB page with 1200 likes, twitch streamer with 1800 followers
  • Extensive and in-depth support guide series on ReignofGaming under username "xxcoldsteelexx"
  • #8 Ladder Challenger Team on NA Server

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