“Top/mid main from CA, USA Ready to teach you how to stomp games and get dat LP”


Personal Profile: 

- Age: 20 years old

- Residence: Santa Clara, US

- Languages: English

- Server played: NA (don't have accounts on any other server)

-Availability: Daytime/Evening! A lesson is usually done the day after purchase. Normally I'm busy durring the day, so it really helps me if you could book the lesson for sometime not that day, esp not in an hour or two in advance. I have school and other stuff I have to do and normally I won't be able to do a lesson an hour in advance. I've never declined a lesson that was booked in advance so just shoot me an email or talk to me ^^

- Skype: mongar_tyler

- Summoner Name: ExG Eartwalker


Ranked Profile: 

- S2 Ranked: 1995 elo/Plat (5 points before Diamond D:)

- S3 Ranked: Diamond 1

- Main Role: Top

- Main Champions: Renekton, Olaf, Trundle, Mundo, Yasuo, gragas ect ect. This season you can play a lot top/mid champs in both spots so it's kinda awesome

- Previously mained ADC and I am confident in mid play as well in challenger ranked 5v5s.

-Mainly play Mid in solo queue, play top for ranked 5s 90% of the time

Typical Lesson Plan

- A 1v1 custom game.
- Spectate and commentate a Ranked game (or normal if preferred)
- A game played by me where you spectate and are able to ask any questions you may have while the game is being played. 
- A replay from by LoLReplay where we both sit down and go through each play by play, analyzing correct and incorrect decisions, and chances to improve.
- If possible at the time, I may offer the chance to duo queue.
For the first part of the first lesson we will talk for 10-20 minutes to get to know what champions you play, what kind of player you are, and what role you want to focus on learning. Then we decide what we're gonna work on, things to achieve, etc so coming with clear goals into these coaching sessions is very important. The most common topics discussed in the first sessions are Masteries & Runes, Game Phases (Early, Mid, Late) and Champion Match-ups for whichever lane you'd like to focus on. 
Please add me in-game or on skype if you have any more questions or concerns.

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