“You want to dominate?You want to be that 20/0 Jungler ?Lets climb that LADDER together!WE CAN DO IT!”

Hello, my name is Petar summoner name (MasterVanix) EUNE and I am really a passionate gamer I am playing games competitively for well over 10 years... I have been coaching for more than 2 years now. I have been playing League of Legends since season 1, and during this time I have gathered a solid knowledge about the game. My biggest win over the the game is getting that sweet elo, with champions that are not as mechanically difficult to play I was a coach for a local team that won 4 tournaments in my hometown, sure I think it is not a big deal to win local tournament, but to see Diamond players crushing Challenger players because they play as one unit is the thing that will always keep my heart warm and my fingers and my notepad ready for the next big challenge! In my coaching session I will be focusing on the fundamentals of the game and providing people with all the BIG things that they need to know in order to give their team the best chance to win a game. I am an expert when it comes to warding, map avernes, wave management, gold management, lane positioning and setting up fights for your team, team structures and champion selection. I myself am Diamond player have been one for 2 seasons, last season I didn’t have as much time to play so I ended up in Plat. I am very communicative and flexible and I know people will find all the information I proved for them useful and I will make sure they will implement all the things we have talked about in our coaching session in their upcoming games ( even if it takes coaching your for free yes that is how this will work YOU WILL LEARN !) as I said I am a passionate person and League of Legends is my passion. I am looking forward of hearing from you.


Typical Lesson Plan

I never coach two people the same. We are all different persons we all have our personality in life that is so I like to think it is the same in the games. We all have our play style and it is time to take yours to the next level.

Coaching would take the next corse:

  • You will tell me all the the roll’s  you play. The play style you prefer (Early game champions, Mid game champions, Late game champions.
  • Asking ourselves first important questions! How much time in life we have to play league, how talented are we ect. Setting up a realistic goal, looking where are we now and how far can we get in X amount of time invested. Is it worth for us to go there and are we ready to do it.
  • I will look at last 3 of your games to see where can we improve your gameplay. I will be honest I think you could learn some things from me even if you are above Diamond rank. But I would prefer you to be up to diamond 5 rank so you could get the most value out of our coaching sessions. If you are Challenger or Master rank I don’t think you have a lot to learn from me, but you still can learn some really useful things about rage management, and psychology of the players.
  • Some of the things I will be going over are fundamentals and non fundamentals things for playing the game as best as possible warding, map avernes, wave management, gold management, lane positioning, behavior management setting up fights for your team, team structures and champion selection, meta ect... I will then explain everything, where do you make the most mistakes what can be changed and how to implement the change as fast as possible.
  • Last thing we will talk about is how to track our progression in the game and what to do if we get stuck. If you take me as a coach for longer periods of time. I will make for you before and after mat to see what have we achieve.
  • I would like to be professional in my work but with my character that is just not a possible. I have so much passion for the players I have been coaching that they are all part of me, and they are my friends, I am sure we will have a great time and a grate progres because our team is a wining team!

List of Achievements

  • Winging games and climbing that ladder with support. YES IT IS POSSIBLE!
  • Coaching a local team, wining multiple lan tournaments with a team.
  • Progression over time, setting up real goals. Season 1 unranked, Season 2 Silver 4,Season 3 Silver 1, Season 4 Gold 4, Season 5 Platinum 5, Season 6 Diamond 5, Season 7 Diamond 4.

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