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 Please note: Lesson time often surpasses time requested. (One hour lesson may end up lasting two hours, depends on game length, and responsiveness of the customer)

Quick Profile
- Age: 19
- Residence: New York City
- Languages: English, French
- Servers played: NA, EUW, EUNE
- Availability: Always online! a lesson is usually done the day after purchase. 
- Have coached over 100 clients and have alot of experience w/ coaching.
Skype: Bird.Coaching
(add me on skype, i might not accept in-game requests)
Ranked profile
- S1: 777 Bronze
- S2: 1900/2100 Platinum
- S3: 2432 Diamond II
- Team 5v5: 2224 Diamond V
Having climbed from bronze to diamond on my own, I have some good experience when it comes to winning in solo queue, the skills you need and the champions pool you are looking to play.

Coaching sessions


In our coaching sessions we'll be focusing on what you'd like to learn and where you want to see yourself a month or two from now. You can point out to me what you think your weaknesses/strengths are and what you need help with before we start playing. Depending on how you like your lesson plan, we can either play as manyduo queue (ranked) games as possible, or watch and analyze a replay of the game we just played in between each games (the replays are sped up and should last approx. 10 minutes). During/after the games you may ask me as many questions as you'd like. If you want me to spectate one/some of your solo queue games and guide you through it that is fine aswell.

Jungle (main role)

I will likely play one of the solo lanes as you jungle so that we can coordinate ganks, other games I will jungle so I can point out exactly what I am doing and what you are looking to do. I will show you at what times you want to pressure your enemy jungle, counterjungle him/countergank him, or times where you simply want to farm. We will heavily focus on how to spend your time effectively and how tofind and execute ganks since this is the most important part of solo queue. There are very strong champions you will want to abuse in the jungle role for solo queue.


I will either support you or you can support me whichever way you'd like it and I will give you pointers on when to farm, be aggressive (trade), coordinate with your support for kills, go for golems. You will also learn how to kiteA-walkOrb walk, perfect your mechanics, and learn to position in the mid-game or late-game fights. You will find the ADC you're most comfortable with and learn to master that ADC, how to position with that ADC and the limits you can set yourself when teamfighting or laning.


You can support me as I play ADC and I will give you pointers on when/where to ward, when to pressure the enemy lane, how to sense enemy jungle, and when toengage/disengage.


Mostly going to revolve around trading efficientlywinning the lane, androaming properly to set the tone of the game. Will also focus on some counterganking and map control. 1v1 in custom games upon request.



Team coaching

I have some good experience when it comes to teamplay, I've competed and won in many online tournaments. My team is currently Diamond V and composed of Diamond III-Diamond I solo queue players. If you are looking to be coached as a team, that is also a possibility. 


Contact info

Skype: Bird.Coaching

if i don't respond to the skype request just add me on my main B?rd (copy paste, dotless i)

Contact me if you'd like to figure out a time at which a lesson would be preferable or if there are any questions you'd like answered.


Typical Lesson Plan

One hour:

- Two Solo Queue games

- Q&A


Two Hours:

- Solo Queue games

- Replays

- Q & A


Three hours+:

- Solo Queue games

- Replays

- 1v1s

- Q & A

- Homework for next lesson (lessons split in two days or more)

List of Achievements

  • #1 LoL-Academy Coach
  • Z33k tournaments
  • Go4LoL
  • 70% winrate on all most played junglers

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