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“Master tier jungler looking for students to tutor”

Hello Summoner,

I am an experienced coach looking for students to tutor. I'm currently a master tier rated jungler with extensive experience a semi-pro LoL-player at the top level of the Norwegian championship. Throughout my LoL career I've coached numerous amateur teams in Europe as well as Norway looking to get serious about their play. In addition to verbal coaching, I frequently use teaching aids such as powerpoints in order to improve the coaching experience for my students.

I see myself as a nice and resourceful person who is easy to work with and learn from. I believe I offer certain level of professionalism to my coaching that other coaches don't. In summary, my goal is to create useful, fruitful, productive and fun coaching expereinces for myself and my students. Positive results in both mindset and elo are guaranteed. If you have any special needs or requirements, I'll do everything in my power to come to a reasonable solution that works for both parties. My coaching lessons are not by any means limited to the jungle- or top-role, I have extensive experience with all of the roles.


Package 1 – The Fundamentals
Lesson 1 – Pre-game theory (champion, runes and teamcomp drafting)
Lesson 2 – Mapawareness & warding

In this package we aim to build and expand your pool of gameknowledge. Macro knowledge in combination with specific knowledge (such as matchups) is what we use as leverage to win games.

Package 2 – Expand on what we have learned
Lesson 1 – The laning phase
Lesson 2 – Roaming and ganking, looking for oppurtunities on the map
Lesson 3 – Jungle tracking

This package focuses on the early stages of the game and helps you learn critical skills about how to position in lane, how and when to trade, how to figure out where the jungler is and predicting his movement.

Package 3 – Transitioning from casual to competetive play
Lesson 1 – Establishing a healthy mentality
Lesson 2 – Mechanics theory
Lesson 3 – The information game

In this package we will be working on issues such as rage, tilt, ranked anxiety, losing focus and tunnel vision. In brief, we will be going through all of the peripheral knowledge you will need in order to improve as a player.

Package price is 30 dollars.

If you're interested in my coaching lessons or have any questions, you can reach me at [email protected], or pm me on discord: whito pigu go home#2101

Have a nice day and good luck on your soloq climb!

List of Achievements

  • Main coach for Egedal esport, Denmark
  • Jungler for AIR-esports, 1st division Norwegian league
  • Main coach for Glorious Gamers, 2nd division Norwegian league

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