“You can talk with me on skype if you have any questions. Together we will decide when we can start.”

You can call me Shy or TheShyOne.
Diamond since season 4.Now I'm Diamond 3 on EuNE,Diamond 4 on euw.

Typical Lesson Plan

If u bring a friend u get free hour/s!
If u order more then 3 hours u get 1 for free!

I can teach u how snowball on every role,and eventually carry and win the game. 

The important things that we will discuss about:

1.How to increase u're winrate in Soloq;
2.How to manage minion waves (freezeing,pushing,lane control) and trading with opponents;
3.Runes,masteries,skill order and builds for champions;
4.Objecives focus(Baron,Dragon,Towers,etc.);
5.Tricks&Tips to get a lead and snowball in a point to win a game;
6.Where and how to place wards/deep wards.
7.What is role and how to position in a teamfight.


In our first lesson we will discuss about following:

1.The champions that u play:its role,runes and masteries,counter picks and tricks,if it fits in the meta;
2.Postion,farming,skills cooldown and cooldown control;
3.Vision control,mini map priority,the strongest phase in the game depending on team comp/champion that u play,etc.


Don't wait find out my tricks,tips and the knowledge u need to improve immediately , Choose me! Spend some time with a competitive/quality player. I don't go strictly by the hour, I'll teach a lesson for as long as you need to be taught. So don't worry, I don't stop as soon as 60 minutes is up. It is WELL WORTH your time/money.


What a typical 1 hour lesson would look like:

 First off i find the champion and the role that u enjoy to play,then,we discuss masteries,runes,build path,skill order,summners spells,weaknesses and strengths.
Second we play in a custom game to see your mechanical skills and what we need to improve.Then,I let u play a normal draft/ranked game and i will spectate u during ur game and explain to u what u need to focus to climb.


What a typical 2 hour lesson would look like:


All of the 1 hour lesson included, plus me analyzing your mistakes in the draft game, and I would play either ranked, normal, or draft with you and I will give you tips along the way.
third, I will give you an in-depth guide of what your division is like and what characters/roles are the easiest to carry with in your division.


Its just an example of how my lesson would be. If you have some special requests or your own vision of a lesson just let me know and ill figure it out . For more than a 3 hour lesson we will just keep slamming duo Ranked/Normal games, fixing your mistakes and helping you master any champion you want, also showing you some secret tips and mechanics that you probably do not even know about. So anyway, hit me up on skype or on here and we can get started. :)



List of Achievements

  • Getting master promo's last season.

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