“Want to learn Kassadin or Ahri come here!”

What are you offering? How does your lesson work? Your main skills, your main champions, your specialities, talk about yourself, your social networks, your related links...

What do I offer?

I offer a very structured lesson, not only can I do what other coaches do like vod reviews, live games, duoqs etc. I provide a very structured lesson with google docs we both have access to and notes for the student if he/she wishes. What makes me different from is my effort in my lessons. In addition to being able to analyze your games effectively I provide detailed explainations of exactly what core aspect of league you need to improve on by utilizing my knowledge and statistical websites but I have over 700 hours of experience coaching students who on average rate me 9.5/10 with over 300 students. I've also climbed to D5 MMR playing against d4 players in Soloq so I have the game knowledge and experience please let me coach you and I promise you won't be disappionted.

How does your lesson work?

First hour
The first hour consists of setting a foundation for the future by discussing a positive soloq mindset, training program, champion pool, goals and lastly a profile review to see what aspect of league you need work on.

Second hour
The second hour will consist of me watching you play without distractions via you screensharing your gameplay live via a stream or screenshare if this is not possible I will watch one of your games with you and give you feedback on what I think you should and shouldn't have done within that game.


Third hour +
Hours beyond the second will consist of most likely vod reviews or duoq's at this point we can do really whatever you want. During these "extra" hours we will see what coaching method works best for you.


What are your skills?

Aside from the obvious I'm a very macro heavy player which means I'm mostly focused on the decision making aspect of the game as my mechanics are more on the low end.


What are your main champions?

I've always played mostly assassins in the mid lane right now my champion pool consists of Kassadin & Ahri I have over 350k & 130k mastery points on them respectively. I also have a lot of experience on assassins such as Fizz, Katarina, Talon, and Ekko. I can coach all champions mid lane though.






Typical Lesson Plan

How do you coach? What is in a typical lesson?

My lesson follows a simple layout

1. Identify issues using one of the below coaching methods or several

2. Teaching/ Fix Problematic Areas

3. Review/ Reflection

4. Rinse & Repeat 

List of Achievements

  • Over 1000+ Hours of Coaching Experience
  • Diamond in Season 9
  • 9.5/10 avg star ratings over 130 reviews

I usually stream my Soloq & Coaching and I do free mobalytics profile reviews.

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