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Poste Solo Top, AP Mid, AD Carry
League Diamond IV
Server EUNE



I can afford coaching through skype/ts3/discord for players from bronze to diamond. I was Dia II last season and I main mid and top even though i can play every other lane properly. Main goal is that you learn something from my lessons by watching your replays of the game or through spectating and after that you can ask me any questions you want. I have coached people before so I know what is the procedure. Thank you for reading this :).

Typical Lesson Plan


We can look at your replay or your live game and talk over skype/discord/ts3. You can ask something if you do not understand and i will explain everything. I have coached people before so there will be no problem in that cause. My goal is to improve your laning, farming, macro, micro, rotations, trades, lane control(pushing, freezing, etc), mid and late game scenarios and how to react to certain one of them. After that you can ask me anything you want that you think is important and i will gladly answer you :). 


Weekends afternoon and weekdays one week afternoon and one week in the morning or every work day from 22:00 CET


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