“Hello, i am master teir mid laner here to help you reach high elo”

Hello, my name is Charlie and I’m an 18 year old boy form the U.K looking to do a little coaching with the spare time i have.


You're probably looking at my profile right now because you are top/mid laner and want to know what it takes to progress to the next level. Well, I can assure you I am the man to go to. Iv been playing, like a lot of high elo players, since s1 and have climbed out of every ladder apart from masters.

I currently main gangplank due to his high skill ceiling and great carry potential. 

I can play almost all mage and assassin mid laners to a diamond+ level as I’ve been maining mid since I can remember.

I prefer to do a VOD or replay review of a lost game as I can identify many key mistakes in your gameplay however i can also live coach you if you're able to stream on hitbox. 

I do coach teams however for every hour you have, you must pay for 2 hours due to team coaching being a lot more complex.

For one on one lessons i will always review your beforehand and give you some key pointers about your champ pool and you're win rates ect. I will then give you the option between live coaching, replay review, custom game training.

For any questions or quires message me on Skype: Skillsandthrills or on here J

Typical Lesson Plan

1 on 1 lessons: review - I will break down your winrates, champ pool, match history and tell you what I think you should be playing and why.

Either replay or live coaching session (if session is longer than 1 hour then it is possible to do both) - I will analyse a replay or watch you in a live game and identify some key mistakes you make and give you the tools/guidance to amend them.

Custom game training - This is where I will enter a custom game with you and either lane against you and point out your mistakes and, again, give you the tools to amend them OR show you vital ward timings, certain mechanics specific to a champion ect. ect.

Team coaching:

ALWAYS a vod/ replay review. This is so I can go over some mistakes that you have made and try to explain the best way of fixing those mistakes.

If enough time i will show you different plays you and your team could make during a certain game to gain an advantage and potentially snowball the game. For example I have some high level jungle paths that, with the help of the midlaner, can put the enemy jungler on the back foot very early. 

List of Achievements

  • Getting diamond in season 3
  • Getting masters on my main account in season 5 and 6
  • Getting diamond 1 on three accounts in season 5

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