17 hours given
Poste Solo Top, AD Carry, Support
League Challenger, Master
Server EUW
Others masterwork, millenium

“Professional Player, Challenger series & TCL experience”

Hello guys! I'm masterwork, a professional League of Legends player. Playing since season 1, I always have been in high elo and my passion is to compete with the best. I have played on professional level competitively on teams like Coast Gold, BPI phoenix, team Millenium and Royal Bandits.

I have a lot of experience and knowledge in competitive esports and Solo Queue.

I can do coaching for any role (except jungle), but mostly specialised in the support role. During the coaching lessons you can ask me everything you want and I will try to answer all your questions in the most detailed way.

List of my achievements in competitive esports:

OP.GG Profile:

Contact Discord: theMaster#5286


· Having a working microphone and being able to communicate in English or Dutch.

· Be willing to improve to become a better player!


Typical Lesson Plan

My role as a coach:

I will do my best to make you a better player. I can make you improve in many different ways so at first we will talk together to see which way is the best for you, and what is your main goals. After we found out which training is the best for you, we can start the course.


  • General LoL options,  
  • Runes, Skill order,
  • Synergy with your champions,
  • How to play your role & situational behaviour during laning phase, (reactions, trading, positioning, warding)
  • Map vision and map control
  • How to improve as an individual player & in solo queue, (or in your team, if you have one)
  • Shotcalling.

After we finished the theory lessons we can start to practice. You can either decide what you want to do or you can ask me my opinion, what I think is best for you & how you can improve your play.

          Practice examples:

  • playing together (maybe as Support/Adc)
  • playing against (practice the laning phase)
  • spectating your ranked games and discuss them/ analyze your mistakes,
    make you understand what you did and what you should have done.

We don't have to finish the coaching lesson in 1 day if in the end that takes to much time.

If you prefer to improve your mechanics instead of learning the theory, you can just tell me this so i know what to focus on.


If you want to follow the entire coaching process i suggest you take atleast 2 or 3 hours for me to explain you everything; if you buy more I can be more detailed and there might even be some time left for you to make decisions on what you want to do.


Hope to see you in my lessons :)

I usually take 1 day of preparations before i go into a session, so please message me!


List of Achievements

  • EU LCS 2017 Spring Promotion -Not Qualified-
  • EUCS 2016 Summer Playoffs
  • EUCS 2016 Summer
  • Moba Cup 2016
  • DreamHack Tours 2016
  • ESL Championnat National 2015 Autumn
  • TPL 2016 Winter Finals
  • Millenium Predator Tournament 2015
  • ASUS Republic of Gamers 2015
  • DoigCup #1
  • EU Challenger series 2016 Spring Split Play-offs 3-4th place with Millenium
  • EU Challenger series 2014 Spring Split with Coast Gold
  • TR LCS with BPI phoenix
  • Paris Games Week 2015
  • EU Challenger series 2016 Spring Split with Millenium
  • TR Challenger series 2016 Spring Split
  • Gamers Assembly 2016
  • Challenge France 2016
  • Lyon-Esport #9 2016
  • Asus Rog 2015
  • Predator Tournament 2015
  • Dreamhack Tours 2015
  • PGL Legends of the Rift 2015
  • Dreamhack Tours 2016
  • Dreamhack Valencia 2015

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