760 hours given
League Challenger, Master
Others Hard Carry

“If you want to learn how to hard carry, it's here !”

Hello ! I am Graouw, Nice to meet you!
I am a very dedicated coach and love what I do.

Once you become my student, I will offer you my advice,  answer all your questions


dynamicQ with you whatever your rank (on my smurfs) for the rest of the season!


I started playing League of Legends in season 3 where I ended platinium (my previous experience in Dota helped me improved quite quickly).

I have now been in Master tier for two seasons in a row playing every role, mainly top which is my favorite lane. But I can comfortably coach all roles and all champions as I have hit multiple accounts in mid high diamond on my smurfs playing and testing absolutely all champions :)

Whether you are bronze or diamond, I will have many things to teach you: from basic/advanced champion mechanics  to general game knowledge that will allow you to hard carry your game. Knowing how to keep and snowball your advantage to cleanly carry your team to VICTORY is something I can teach you.

I have been part of many teams (from diamond to challenger) with whom I took part in many online and offline tournaments.  This experience allows me to offer an high quality team coaching as well.

I am currently playing for two high elo teams.
1) iDomina E-sport: We regularly scrim against high elo team (turkish and russian lcs as well). The structure provides coaches and analysts to help us improve.
2) GamingCamp: bunch of friends playing for a Belgian structure. Even though we are not try-harding that much, we have accumulated many LAN Victories this year!









Typical Lesson Plan

Depends of your level and the the lane you want to master!

An exemple of a typical lesson:

- duoQ (top/mid/jungle or botlane)

- in-game advices/coaching

- deeper analysis of the game through the replay

But there can be many variants:

exemple: training 1v1 match-ups (mid/top), etc!

Anyway I won't leave you unsatisfied!

List of Achievements

  • Bokamp LoL tournament (Belgium)
  • Made in Asia LoL tournament (Belgium)
  • LAN (Belgium)
  • go4lol
  • master s6
  • master s5

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