“I can play Support, Jungle, ADC and Mid at a D1 level.”

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Hello, I am Megolaj, an EUW player that has been playing League of Legends since Fall 2011. I have a lot of experience in all roles except Top lane and have played thousands of games and watched hundreds of videos and streams to continuously improve my gameplay. I am very enthusiastic about playing the game, learning about it, and teaching others how to improve and get higher ELO. 

I have 3 accounts in D1 as well as 1 account in D4. I play a little bit of everything and do consistently well in SoloQ, I have actually never dropped a Division(other than decay, which I have regained).

If you want cheap, efficient coaching from an enthusiastic, patient guy that likes teaching and playing League of Legends, hit me up.

Typical Lesson Plan

Main things I can help you with:

  • Optimization of Runes/Masteries/Builds
  • Playing top tier champions
  • Gaining an advantage and snowballing it
  • In game evaluation and on the spot tips.
  • Critical examination of mechanics and solutions to trouble areas.
  • Post game review and replay analysis.
  • Everything you need to know about SoloQ!

~ I also provide follow up Q&A! I understand that coaching sessions are short and its easy to forget questions you might've had stored up. Don't worry, I'll provide a post lesson ask me anything service. =)

Things you can think about in advance:
What lane/champions do you play?
What would you like me to help you with?(examples being when to roam/recall, rune and mastery setups, champion matchups etc.)
What do you feel are your biggest issues?(not necessary but can be helpful)

~ I also provide follow up Q&A! I understand that coaching sessions are short and its easy to forget questions you might've had stored up. Don't worry, I'll provide a post lesson ask me anything service. =)

Types of lessons:

In our coaching sessions we'll be focusing on what you'd like to learn, what your strengths/weaknesses are and where you want to see yourself a few weeks/months from now.

1. My preferred method: We can both go over a replay of your choice. You'll send me the replay, then I'll share it via Skype Screen share. I'll teach you how to correctly review replays and we'll target your strengths and weaknesses and go over mistakes, decisions you made, etc.

You'll need replays recorded either from stream/local recording with OBS and then uploading it to Youtube or You can record games by going to whenever you're in game and press the record button. If you don't want to do that every time, I think LSI is a decent program.(Unfortunately the automatic gamerecorder for doesn't work anymore(?))

You'll need Skype because the Skype screen share function is how we both review the replay.
Teamspeak is my preferred way of communicating, I can provide the server if needed.

2. We can also DuoQ and play games together and I'll help you get better at different roles by giving you tips and hints while we're playing. During the games you may ask me as many questions as you'd like.


I will likely try to play mid lane as you jungle so that we can coordinate ganks, other games I will jungle so I can point out exactly what I am doing and what you are looking to do. I will show you at what times you want to pressure your enemy jungle, counterjungle him/countergank him, or times where you simply want to farm. We will heavily focus on how to spend your time effectively and how to find and execute ganks since this is the most important part of solo queue. There are very strong champions you will want to abuse in the jungle role for solo queue.


I will give you pointers on when to farm, be aggressive (trade), coordinate with your support for kills You will also learn how to kite, A-click, Orb walk, perfect your mechanics, and learn to position in the mid-game or late-game fights. I will help you find the ADC you're most comfortable with and learn to master that ADC, how to position with that ADC and the limits you can set yourself when teamfighting or laning.


I will either support you or you can support me whichever way you'd like it and I will give you pointers on when/where to ward(this goes for other roles as well), when to push/freeze, when to trade, how to sense enemy jungle, go for krugs/gromp, when to roam as well as help you understand matchups/positioning/zoning in the bottom lane. I will also tell you what to do as a support in the mid-late game and in teamfights.


Mostly going to revolve around trading efficiently, winning the lane, what to do/expect in different matchups and roaming properly to set the tone of the game. Will also focus on some counterganking and map control. 

Keep in mind it is easier for me to pay attention to what you're doing if I don't have stuff to do myself, and we can't DuoQ if we are too many divisions apart. 

I encourage you to take notes.
Please leave a review if it's not too much trouble :)

I might stream here regularly in the future, but so far it's only been in Danish:
I'll try to be helpful and answer questions if I do decide to stream more.

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