“Challenger, Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane Specialist, 1v1'd with Pros (Dyrus, Balls, Nien, Scarra)”

I'm Richerich a Challenger player in NA that is fairly active and have been in challenger multiple in s3 as well as staying in challenger since the start of S4. I play multiple roles at a high level and can understand general concepts for each role as well as specializing in top lane, mid lane, and jungle. I was a sub for CLG with the help of Nientonsoh as well as played in an amateur scene, allowing me to scrim vs top teams including TSM, C9, and CLG. I also practice match ups often with Dyrus, Zion, Quas, and other LCS top laners when needed. 

In choosing me, I hope to help you understand what are win conditions and teach you what your role is suppose to do as well as helping you excel at your job in the game. Most importantly, I will hone in on capitalizing on mistakes and knowing when someone has made the wrong move ( In lane and overall game knowledge). 

If you wish to talk to me privately, are interested, or have any questions; My email is [email protected] and adding me in game without a prior notice will be ignored (partially due to the fact I'm flooded with friend requests). 


Services Offered:

1. One Hour of Coaching: A lesson can consist of any of the below activities or any other ideas the student has.

2. Lane Matchups: Will play any lane matchup in top or mid to try and deal with champion specific problems or general lane related issues. The matchups consist of 2 1v1s in custom games. The first will be the student playing the champion and the second I will play the champion to highlight the difference in playstyle/mechanics. 

3. Normal Games: Will duo queue in a normal game for a more unified critique of gameplay. $20 per game 

4. Replay Analysis: Will review any replays or vods and will create a detailed review of gameplay. The replay must be sent at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the lesson.

Contact Info

Skype: brianthenguyenss
IGN: Get Richerichd
Email: [email protected]

NOTE: There is a 10 minute grace period for the beginning of a lesson, no extra time will be allotted in that session. After 10 minutes you will be marked absent. Refunds will not be given for missed lessons, however I will reschedule at the earliest convenience for both parties.

Typical Lesson Plan

A Typical lesson for me will include a replay in which I analyze it and see what type of player you are alongside the player VIA skype and through time frames or a stream. I'll break down their common mistakes and then show them what mistakes they can abuse that others commonly make. 

After this we will use the remaining time to practice applying this in game. (Via Duo que or watching a user play a game live)

If you choose to practice match ups and champions I will walk through first the weaknesses and strengths of that champion. Telling and showing you what they can do when they are ahead and their limitations when they are behind. Most importantly, I will help you establish what are the common win conditions needed to take a game when playing these champions. 

If there are any further questions, contact [email protected] for a more thorough explanation.

List of Achievements

  • Challenger S4 Top 100 (Currently)
  • Challenger S3
  • Won 1v1 Tournament LOLPRO
  • Sub For CLG
  • 2nd Place NACL Series

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