“Would love to help you improve and rise the ranks!”

Hello, my ign is kingblackdragon and  I play the roles of mid and top lane most often, and I primarily play assassin/burst champions, however there are a few exceptions to this.  While my favorite champions are assassins I am confident that I can give you feedback on anything you might want to consider doing differently with any style of mid or top laner.  Although I do not offer the "satisfaction or your money back", if you genuinely do not find yourself satisfied with my coaching, I can arrange for another session together and we can continue to work until you do.  I believe that my knowledge of the game is often higher than my mechanical skill, and I can offer lots of solid advice regarding builds, trading strategy, warding locations, and the correct times to roam or farm.  I hope you choose me to be your coach and thank you!

Typical Lesson Plan

1.  Rune/Mastery analysis for chosen champion/champions you would like help learning

2.  A 1v1 laning phase to recieve feedback on certain laning mechanics that you may need to improve/change

3.  Either a game playing together or a game of me spectating you in order to give you feedback on things such as when you could have roamed or where you should ward in future games.

4.  Anything else that is needed

List of Achievements

  • Have helped numerous friends raise their elo drastically through unofficial coaching
  • Diamond Soloque
  • Competed on a team in High school star league's LoL for charity tournament placing third with my team

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