“Hello and welcome! I am a veteran league of legends player who's only goal is to see you succeed”

Hello, and welcome to my page. My name is James, but most people call me Fozzy in League of Legends. My goal is to help you reach your potential so that you can carry yourself to where you want to be. No boosting, only teaching. I will help you play your favorite roles, learn the game, be ahead of the game, and to reach your highest skill level. I can guarantee that after a couple of lessons and matches together you will reach Gold ranking. After that it will be up to you to put in the time or effort to go any higher.


Some other things about me and what I do apart from league is that I live in California, I work as a butcher, and on my free time I hang with my friends . I actually don't play video games as much as I used to, but I have always enjoyed helping people get better at them. Games besides League that I like to play are CoD, TF2, CSGO, Strife, Garrys mod, and ghost recon. I love racing games the most but its a genre that's kind of dying out, so League has always been my go to.


I got into coaching at the end of Season 3 of LoL, because I thought that even though I could still improve as a player I could help others improve as well. I did a lot of ranked teams and always fell into the shot caller position. I was the one who was always up to date with all the professional scenes and current builds that pros were using. After a while I was able to come up with my own builds that worked in diamond elo. I also have a lot of low elo friends that want to be taught, so I get to have experience in the coaching field and have mastered a plan to get every low player to gold. I believe that Gold is the starting point for most players to start to improve on themselves and learn how to be plat/diamond because they did not need a coach but they themselves were smart enough to get there.



If there is anything I want players to get out of my teachings is that league of legends should be played as a fun game. By the end of the day this is not most of our jobs but something we do at night after we work. I teach all players to be respectful as well as to not harass your oppents or teamates. We're all just trying to do our best and all I'm trying to do is get you there.

Typical Lesson Plan

As someone who has trained and coached many people in Athletic sports as well as in league of Legends. I know for a fact that no two players are the same or should be taught the same. My Lesson plans are molded for each individual player. Everyone has a preferred play style and role and my job is to help you.

From teaching/coaching my friends, I have learned that everyone wants to learn something different. How you play top might be similar to mid, but once you play marksmen and have a teammate next to you it is completely different. I have been a main of every lane at some point in my career and have learned a lot about most lanes. Every lane can have a different play style and some work better for other players. Whether you want to be an aggressive marksmen or a passive one, counter jungle or a great ganker, best top farmer or best roamer, I can give you a lesson to help you with that. My goal is to get you to where you want to be in the fastest amount of time possible.


Some basics step every one will go over are.



Predicting your opponent

Learning match ups

Decision Making

Shot calling


To be a coach to teach other people



List of Achievements

  • Call of duty Lan highschool
  • Shout caster for amatuer tournaments
  • KoL in house clan tournements months January - March

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