14 hours given
Poste Solo Top, AP Mid, Support
League Challenger, Diamond I
Server EUW, EUNE, NA
Others Master Tier

“"Practice doesn't make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect"”

Greetings Young apprentice,

My name is Notnao, I am a social person with a decent English vocabulary and a perfect Dutch vocabulary. I have been playing League of Legends for 4 years now with my highest League being Master tier which I am right now.

I have played multiple roles at a very high level with Support and Top lane as my best ones. I can still teach you how to play other roles at a high level but my mechanics and game knowledge come from my main roles.

If you have any interest in my services contact me on my E-mail: [email protected]

Kind regards



Typical Lesson Plan

This lesson plan works for every session.


First - We need to establish the same mindset,

What do you want to learn from me? What do you want to achieve?

We can do this through Skype IM's or in a Skype call whatever fits our schedule.

Second - We plan on what kind of lessons you need,

is it Duoqueueing bot lane? Maybe Lasthitting or Champion Mechanics?

We will probably start of with a fast custom game 1v1 and then go into a normal/ranked game (depends on your league experience)

Third - We check back on your goals,

Have you achieved what you wanted? Can you carry out the knowledge I gave you?

This is were we either say our goodbyes or schedule another sessions.


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