“Teaching the easiest way to climb in SoloQ as a top/jung player, how to carry and snowball.”

Friendly guy with 5 years of playing dota and after that 5 years of playing League of Legends. Teaching the easiest way to climb in soloQ without any problems. 

I am 18 years old from Serbia, Belgrade. I have finished musical highschool and now i'm taking a break.

In season 1 i was the classic newb/troll, not knowing what a support was. In season 2 i had friends teach me about that game and climbed real high, over platinum. In season 3 i became a serious player and got to top60 EUW. I represented Serbia on the IESF world championship 2013 and got fristblood against the koreans, easy.

In season 4 i became a casual player and only played normal, when i got bored of that i decided to try out various tactics of climbing soloQ, after testing out a few i got to d1 60 points in 50 games after reaching diamond. Recently started playing in season 5, got to diamond 1 from gold 3 with a ruined mmr and 48/60 win loss ratio in 2 weeks, without playing 2 many games. 

I was also coaching for 2 years now, was a coach for the best team in Serbia (challenger series summer split participants) and helped a lot of people burn through soloQ like through a fresh pair of underwear.

My tactics offers a champ pool of fun champions to play with (mostly AD casters on top/mid/jungle, and some supports). Every game will be a fun one because i will teach you how to kill any1 who you don't like and snowball with such enjoyement people will envy you.

So pick me as your coach for lotso love and a free cookie <3

Typical Lesson Plan

Every lesson starts with an introduction, getting to know eachother free of charge :D.

You will be given a choice of few tactics and variations, i can teach you all of them, but every one of them consumes time. After you choose your preferance, the lesson will start

I will show you a few quick games of me playing that specific tactic, while explaining everything that you are required to know. After showing you those games i will start the in depth explanations of the laning/jungling phase, and all other phases after that. After going through those elements of my soloQ climbing teachniques, if there is time or if you are interested in more lessons, i will be able to teach you the tips and tricks which helped me, and which will help you reach your desired division.

Also i will do a custom game with you, and during that custom game i will teach you as much as i can on that specific tactic, because the quickest way to learn is by doing the thing you are learning about. 

Anytime that there is something that you do not understand, you should interrupt me, so i can enlighten you and give you more insight and a wider explanation for that part of the lesson :)


List of Achievements

  • Fun guy who's got gains
  • Represented Serbia on the IESF world championship 2013
  • top60 EUW in season 3

Streaming soloQ diamond1-master games aswell with some fun games with friends :)

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