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I'm a UK Caster that specialises in Hearthstone and League of Legends.

I've hit legend multiple times and due to the nature of my work I'm always looking to keep on top of the meta - with new decks and playstyles.

I have an extensive network of professional players who not only help me understand the game but also give me insight into their playstyles and current deck choices - I learn from everyone I come into contact with and with my coaching/presentation skills I am willing to pass this on to you!

I am fluent in english, but no other language so sessions will be in english!

I have a specific lesson plan but if you wish to alter this or talk about your ideas feel free to open a discussion with me!




Typical Lesson Plan

Lesson Structure (Lesson 1)

  1. In our first lesson I use 10-15 minutes to understand where you are right now in terms of playing ability and assess your current knowledge. I will also ask you about resources you use to learn and outline any other resources I currently feel you are missing.
  2. I use 10-20 minutes to help you build a deck, via screen share, that is currently good on ladder and explain why each of the cards are important.
  3. The remaining time we will spent screen sharing/spectating your play in client - I will ask you to play AS NORMAL and then we will analyse your thought process and why you made such a move. I will offer my opinion as to whether or not that was the right move and either help you build confidence or correct your mistakes.


Lesson Structure (General)


Lesson Structure (Deckbuilding)


  1. If you are interested in deckbuilding specifically then we will talk for 5-10 minutes about the BEST resources to "NETdeck" with.
  2. After this we will talk about the basics of deckbuilding, making sure you understand the core concepts behind building your own deck.
  3. These concepts will take roughly 30 minutes to cover and include subjects like - evaluating the meta, mana curve, playstyle, "teching in" etc.
  4. We will build a deck together, either a fun deck that you will find success with on ladder, a deck centred around a class you like or a deck that will perform well in the current meta.
  5. We will spend 5 minutes at the end discussing where to tweak your deck based on what you will be facing on ladder.

List of Achievements

  • 15 x Legend

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