“Legend Standard and Wild - June 2020 / Multiple 12 wins arena,again in July 2020”


And so, you want to reach :

   -Your best rank ever

   -12 wins in arena, like me many times, and again in July as you can see here then here.

   -Legend like me, standard and wild in June 2020, see my many times video prooves here

   -Top #300 Legend like in my video here ?

   -Better than that, just ask a better ranked coach !

I think I can help you there ! 

You can ask yourself, how ? For sure, you can book me as your personal coach for private lessons made for your own needs !

If you ask yourself why would you want to get and pay a coach for HearthStone, please read the following paragraph :


That’s a very common question, and I understand why you’re asking yourself, I also did ! After hours coaching to students, I realized this was a true teaching job ; it’s just impossible to give an huge amount of time to others if you don’t have anything else to earn your life !

As people can teach some tricks at poker, you would need a lot of time learning from a teacher to reach a professional level, and then being able to teach to lower skilled players. You think HearthStone is just about luck ?

If poker was only a game of luck, I think there would be more professionnal rich players in Las Vegas, don’t you think ?  But as you know this is not the reality and rich people made by luck are just national lottery winners

Randomness is a criteria to win right, but to my mind we can’t say a professional poker player who has got teaching skills can’t learn essential things to lower skilled players. I also think that randomness influence is less apparent in HearthStone than in poker.

Have you ever realized that best ladder players go from rank 16 to Legend in less than 24H oftenly with only one deck they publish, and with those 24H and the same deck, others are stuck rang 15 to 10 at the end of the month. The main differences : training, knowledge of all playable cards in the meta, available time for playing and skill !

Also, my project as a coach is not to get you addict of coaching hours so that you would pay me a maximum, but thinking professionally, my goal is to make you a better player than the one you were before coaching, and that for when you are playing alone.

Who am I ?


Short version :

Vahaad, 38, HearthStone hard core gamer playing since the closed beta.

I used to be Level then Game and Lead Game Designer, part of these years at Ubisoft. When I had less ideas to create new video games, I became a teacher for medical professional softwares used in operating rooms. And when I realized what was my true professional dream, I began this activity in HearthStone.

What I love the most in this game is solving more and more difficult mind puzzles, and becoming better and better to it, playing ladder or tournaments, getting higher ranks and higher prizes !

Full version :


As I was 4 in 1986, my father showed me my first video game ; he had made it with friends !

More than 30 years after that I’m still a video game lover, but I also began to play the famous trading card game Magic The Gathering in 1994, played until 2014, yes for 20 years !

My most memorable games were Zelda, Warcraft 2 & 3, Fallout, then World of Warcraft for 12 years until I left it for HearthStone which had components of Magic in the Warcraft universe : the game I ever dreamt of !!

I began to play it casually because I spent lot of hours at my medical software teacher job, and I could never reach better than rank 5. Just on the month when I decided to try to live from HearthStone, I reached Legend.

List of Achievements :


3rd Pro LAN Tournament Orléans OGS2 2017 -------------------------------------------------------------

Winner and finalist of many online StriveWire tournaments 4 to 32 players.


Legend rank reached every month I took the time for it ( since September 2016 8 times Legend, and never worse than old rank 4 (almost equivalent to diamond 10), Europe server only, last time was last month, and I reached Diamond 1 this season...let's see next games !! 

Best Legend rank ever reached : #291 « Knights of the Frozen Throne » August 2017


 Famous players beaten on ladder in 2017 :

Crane333, J4CKIECHAN, Kaisercillo, BestMarmotte. 

Also met RDU and Georgec and was proud to be at the same rank, even it they’ve won ! Funny thing, got a free win versus Fenomeno because he was disconnected…

On tournament, I was really near to beat top#1 Legend EU player on 21st December winning 2-1 with lethal on board, but then he could win 3-2 sadly...


Do you think that this list of achievements seems weak for a professional coach ?

Maybe you are right...but :


Coaching is not only about being the top1 legend player ! Do you think best coaches in the world where Top#1 in their discipline ?


With 6 years working as a software teacher, 1 as Maths, French and English trainer, being the child of two teachers ; I got some real experience of teaching. Moreover, I was 4 years a Game Designer ; i had to explain programmers the goals, Art Director the feelings I wanted the player to feel etc…

Explain things in a professional environment is a skill I got some experience in, and I love it !


I already had almost 100 hours of professional teaching and students feedbacks are really encouraging ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I’m always working at getting better with the best decks


At least before playing a deck, I need statistics from

If a deck has proven to be within the bests, I’m working on it until I consider mastering it enough for my current students : ideally get more than 65% win rate on 150 games at my best rank. I will tell my students if they want to practice with a deck that I don’t master that way.

Don’t be afraid to give your negative feedbacks ; but I will only consider them if you can argue !

You are the ones who can make me improve in my job thanks in advance !

Typical Lesson Plan

My goal is to make you a better player when you play alone, not play for you so that you level up quickier !

First Lesson :

-Discussion with you to get your preferences (classes, type of decks), your goals

-Tuning of your favorite and craftable deck list to achieve your goals

-1st silencious game as you were playing by yourself. Both of us say nothing. I record the game, and we will discuss about the choices made using the replay ; that is made to focus on your first visible mistakes.

Then on ranked games : you tell me how you would play each turn and why, then I tell you my point of view, even during opponent turn.

Further Lessons :

-Analysis of chosen games video you recorded when playing alone: explanations of how I would have played each turn, and why.

-Coached games again like during 1st lesson.

-Questions / answers sessions

-Duel versus each other with choosed decks to work on selected matchups like Mage vs Paladin etc...

List of Achievements

  • Rank 4 reach from Rank 20 in March 2019 playing 121 games using 6 classes
  • Legend X6 (last time november 2017)
  • Legend#291 August 2017 Knights of the Frozen Throne
  • Orléans Game Show 2 Pro Bracket
  • StriveWire Tournament Magnificent Monday #77
  • StriveWire Tournament Fabulous Friday #60

I comment a maximum my choices during ladder games standard or wild until reaching my rank objectives. Un maximum de games où je commente mes choix pour atteindre des objectifs de rangs en classé mode standard et libre.

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