““Wanna get to legend? Then let's get going... 1 hour FREE after purchasing any amount of hours.””

My name is Francisco, 24 year old Mechanical Engineer who's unemployed, so I have lots of time to dedicate to Hearthstone. I started mainly as an Arena player, and after achieving 12 wins numerous times, I started to play Constructed. I, then, proceeded to achieve Legend Rank and after a few seasons, decided to start coaching.

Looking forward to help you achieve your goals!

Typical Lesson Plan

The coaching lessons will be as follows (please note that all of these steps are guidelines which can be modified and/or skipped if the client so desires):

1. First off I will ask you what your goals are, whether it is to reach legend rank, achieve 12 wins on Arena or to just improve your gameplay.

2. Secondly we will cover some aspects of hearthstone: meta analysis in case of constructed, arena deck building, explaining and discussing the choices.

3. We will start playing ranked (or arena) matches. Before each turn is complete I will ask you how you would play it and why. Then, I will tell you why your move is or not the most optimal. If it isn't the optimal one, I will point out which one is and explain it.

4. This is where you ask questions and/or make suggestions.

Eventually, we will achieve your goals, getting those 12 wins on arena or achieving the Top Rank and become a Legend.

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