“Legend? Its closer than you might think !”

Greetings Traveler!


My name is Jeremie “Arcano” Pineau and I have been playing Hearthstone since November 2013, during the beta.   I’ve been a very great fan of constructed play since the beginning and I’ve reach legend for the first time in September 2014.  The same month, I peaked in the top 100 NA players for a couple days.  I’ve always been a great fan of TCG, especially the art of optimizing every single play and anticipate every possible outcome of a play.

My main decks are Aggro Hunter, Handlock and Control Warrior.  However, I have a lot of experience with most classes and decks archetype so I can coach pretty much anything.  I keep myself informed of every new meta shift to make we can make the best of it.

I’ve coached a couple of friends over the past year with success.  One of them peaking at the 22th rank of the NA ladder.

My goal is to give in-depth lessons tailored to every player’s custom needs.

Feel free to add me ingame if you have any questions about my training program or strategy in general (Arcano#1363). 

Typical Lesson Plan

I am far more experienced in Constructed Play, therefore this is what I will be focusing during my coaching sessions.  However, I have minimum experience in arena and I can show you how to make the most of your drafting sessions and Arena runs.

Lessons highly depend on player’s experience and needs.  From beginner level to experienced players looking to push towards Legend, I’ve got the right lesson to help you improve your play.  Following elements can be covered depending on your need.

-Deck Review, Building and Teching

-Legend grinding tips and coaching

-Mulligan strategy

-In-game plan and matchup strategies

-Match ups explanations and 1v1 practice against me or my colleagues

-Hearthstone concepts and mechanics like Card Advantage, Draw Power, Tempo, etc.

-What to do before / during / after matches, what’s the winning attitude.

-Ranked play supervision

-How to anticipate your opponent’s play and deck.

-Current Meta state and Opportunities

Lessons will be done over skype using shared screen tools.  Must have a working Microphone.

List of Achievements

  • 1st place VirusLAN Sherbrooke
  • Top 100 Legend September 2014
  • Legend

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