“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

Hi! My name is Mircea Gabriel. I am a passionate gamer who enojys to play video games and i have been playing them since i can remember. I am allways looking for a challange, a puzzle, a way to entertain myself with a brainteaser. I have been playing Hearthstone since the closed beta, and my first experience with it was really pozitive ^_^ i even made a friend who i speak to him even now afther all that time. 

I have reached multiple time legend,my highest rank was 54, and i am enjoying the game so far to its fullest. My account is a free to play one, i haven't bought with money anything from the game and i have quite the collection+all the wings.

Most of my time is spent on video games to be honest, mostly hearhstone with my friends, i usualy coach them all the time since they dont put that much time as i do, and its really funny since we make jokes and plays all the time and sometimes we go crazy and go for wild wombo combo and the funny part is that sometimes IT WORKS!

I like any deck, since i play them all. I usually try any deck, its a nice way of learning it and seeing its strong points and weak ones. I favor the aggro, tempo ones nowadays although i was a big controll fan back in the release :P. I know 90% of the decks, and if i do not know it i can teach you how to learn a new deck and discover its potential

I invite you to have fun and learn the game my way, the fun/get wild/get legend/ have fun/ make it as you walk it/ whatever/you can do it/ yiipikayeyway/fuckyeahmotherfucker  way ^_^

If you are interested just contact me via skype and you can ask me whatever you want.


Typical Lesson Plan

We meet up on Skype or Teamspeak and discuss what your goals, so we can find the perfect solution. We talk about deck building and whats strong in the current meta or not. After that we queue up some games and discuss what the best plays are at the current situation,what to avoid,what to keep in mind, how agresive can we be, how to cheese people. Whenever you have questions you can ask and after some coaching time it should be much easier for you to complete your goals!

List of Achievements

  • Highest Rank legend 54
  • Free to play player with all wings unlocked and tier 1 decks
  • 1 year experience coaching
  • 2 years veteran hearthstone player

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