“It's all about mentality and method”

Hey there im Jacob aka Hound, been playing the game since almost beta trying always to improve and become one of the best players around europe. Got legend since legend became a thing and getting it every month within the first week depending on time available. Been coaching all around the world from almost 1 year.

I play every deck possible in the meta depending on the season and im able to adapt every single to deck to make it competitive. Most important things about a good hearthstone player are mentality, method, audacity, patience and of course a positive approach to the game and always try to have fun no matter how it goes.

I always make my own decks for climbing the ladder and also try to reach the highest rank possible with them even at legend rank. I like to create my own strategy to keep the game fresh and also to find the best possible answers to any situation. Risk taking, sharing ideas about meta and decks is what i love to do and what i love about Hearthstone. 

I am a very warm personality and nice to people and would be a pleasure for me to help you achieve your goals on this game ;) 

Do not hesitate to contact so we can have a chat and discuss about your goals, im sure i will be able to help you in any way and and create custom lessons depending on your needs to match your expectations.

Cheers, Hound

Typical Lesson Plan

If you think about Hearthstone, you will probably find some connections with poker, that's why many professional players also come from poker as well. Statistic and math are really important to increase our winrate, but the most important thing to be succesful is our approach to the game.

Mentality, being relaxed and method are the keys to reach your goals in this game and go even further the legend rank.

With my lessons, you will be able to adapt your favourite decks every month to the meta, you will learn how to play a lot of different decks depending on what you enjoy to play, and you will be able to reach your first time legend easily in case you never achieved it. If you are trying to reach legend, with my lessons you will not just get it one time working with me, you will find your own way to achieve it every month, and also with decks that you enjoy.

I will also provide you completly for free with a 5hour pack of a custom personal guide depending on your needs and requests and also give you decks that i've been playing recently that will be costant update on my, which will make possibile for you to check the best decks for the current meta to help you climb as fast as possible every month.

Will begin streaming with a daily schedule soon.

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