“Hearthstone Coach Streamer and Player”

I play Hearthstone since Octobre 2013 and I'm an arena specialist.

I reach Légende each I take the time to grind the ladder so I'll be able to help you do so :-).

I'm a "Free to play" player (The money I invest in game have been won in tournaments or in coins from arena / quests).

For tournament results, I finished 4rth/492 at GamersOriginCup2, the biggest offline event at that time facing players like Savjz, Xixo, Uneed, ThijsNL, Greensheep, Ekop and others. I reached semi-final where I lost vs Maverick.

I mostly play Midrange/Control and I actually have 8 golden heroes : Shaman, Warlock, Priest, Paladin, Druid, Hunter, Warrior and Mage.

Typical Lesson Plan

1st lesson : Analyse of your overall level and of your goals concerning coaching.
This is about checking your knowledge of key concepts of the game that will allow you to reach the level you wish.
Depending on your player category and the time you can spend playing, we will forecast your progression curve together.

Next lessons : Learning of key concepts and gameplay together. I will accompany you through games / Arena drafts adapting to your level. 
I'll wait for you to propose the right play / pick before answering. YOU play, I don't ^^.
At the end of the lesson I let you play alone a game to see your progression. 

One shot lesson : I don't like this format since it doesn't allow any long term learning/teaching but if you really want this we can work straight on your problematic key points according that you know it.

Lessons will be held on Skype only.

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