“Infinite Arena Player. Free hour after first booking.”

Free Hour of Coaching after first Lesson!!!

Are you tired of grinding 150 gold to play an arena and end up going 3-3? 
Your runs are so short that you don't even find the arena fun anymore? 
Very confused when drafting decks? 
That ends here :)

Hi I'm Gavin. I'm an infinite arena player from Ireland with an average run of 7 wins since LOE. I'm currently completing a Masters in Psychology.  When I started the game back in Beta I was of a very average skill level. However I worked hard on my game through streamers and online articles to become infinite to the level that I havent had to pay for an arena in the last 18 months. Through my learning I understand exactly where players go wrong in arena, I know what seperates the average players from the bad ones. The average players from the good players. These differences can be easily identified and the strategies employed can be easily taught. 

I started off coaching by helping out a few friends who were addicted by the arena but frustrated by its difficulty. I started running co ops with my friend who claimed he averaged around 3 wins and had never achieved more than 8 wins. He could not see what he was doing wrong. 
However the basic essentials of trading, hand mulligans, ordering and drafting catapulted him to his first 12 win run within 2 weeks. He averages just over 5 wins today and continues to improve. Since then I've helped several other friends and acquaintances and the results are almost instantly noticable. 

It is my belief that the real thrill of arena comes from winning and continuing to draft one deck after another without the need to wait for achievements or grinding the ranked ladder. I know the feeling and frustration of having to do this, and I dont want you to have to suffer anymore. I've bought all of the expansions with my gold and have never spent a cent on hearthstone, yet I have 25000 dust available and an almost complete card set. Proof of my experience can be exhibited from the fact I have over 3000 arena wins. The arena is something I love and I'm going to love helping you also. 

I'm happy to help people of all skill levels in arena. I have patience for any player and respect any questions they may have. If you are averaging over 5 wins I will push you towards those critical strategies to becoming infinite. If you can't get past 3 win in arena I will help you to understand the fundamentals to becoming a solid player and after that we will continue to build your skill level. I am not joking when I say that I believe there an no limits that an arena player can achieve with some help and a keen desire to learn. 

If you are looking for assistance in ranked play, I will help in any way I can and build an understanding of the the deck of your choice. However it is not my main area or expertise. I have achieved rank legend a few seasons and have played a number of different classes so I do have a good knowledge of this area also. However arena is my central area.

Typical Lesson Plan

Lessons will be completed through Skype and spectating your Hearthstone games. I can be as formal or informal as you want. I love having a bit of fun with the players I coach! We will go through absolutely every aspect of the arena together from picking a class to why we pick a zombie chow over a boulderfist ogre! 
I will be continously asking you what you think is the best option and why. I will then explain my reasoning behind my opinion and take note of areas of your game that you are having trouble with. If I can I will go through the whole run with you even if it is beyond the hour. I will send you word documents outlining advice and will reccomend articles for you and streamers for you to watch. The average number of wins will be recorded at the end of each run we do together and I will ask you to keep count outside of our lessons. I can ensure you will notice a significant increase in your average score even after 2 or 3 lessons. I will always be willing to help you with any questions you may have even outside of coaching hours and will keep track of individual progress including your best class, the picks we drafted and I will even record and analyse the games you play. 
For those who purchase multiple lessons I will suggest recording your arena games outside of lessons and I will analyse carefully each game and make notes of misplays and offer solutions to your weakness as well as trying to establish a more successful mind frame when playing. As a consequence of the recording of your games without assistance I can see the true progress a student makes a continue to offer techniques to improve their win rate.
I promise you that any query you have will be answered and absolutely every decision will be explained to you no matter how small. 
I look forward to hearing from you. :) 


List of Achievements

  • Hit Legend in Constructed X2
  • Coached 8 Players to their first 12 wins.
  • Over 100 twelve win runs
  • Over 6000 Arena Wins
  • 12 Wins with all Classes
  • Achieved an average of over 7 wins per run since LOE that continues to rise.
  • Bought all the expansions with gold

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