“Dreamhack Finalist - Dominate Open Cups; Ladder Veteran”

Dethelor is a professional Hearthstone player for team Millenium. One of the oldest ladder and tournament players he has been competing on the highest level since beta. Before starting Hearthstone, he used to play Yu-Gi-Oh! and poker so the switch came natural. He has managed to finish top 100 Legend several times and achieved Legend every single season in 3 different servers and also qualified or attended several major tournaments such as Dreamhack, Gfinity UK and PAXEast.

Currently he is representing team Greece in the Hearthstone Global Games. When Journey of Un'Goro was released, he bootcamped with his team in Paris in order to achieve mastery in his game. Dethelor is a multi-class player having experience with most classes and archtypes.

As a coach, he specializes at Standard Ranked Ladder (up to high Legend) and Tournament Preparation.

Dethelor streams occasionally and has written strategy articles in websites including and Blizzpro. One of the oldest coaches in the scene, actively coaching Hearthstone since 2014 he has helped over 90 students and coached over 1000 hours of HS in fields such as Constructed Ranked play, Arena, Deckbuilding and Tournament Preparation.

Typical Lesson Plan

Before the lesson starts we will have a chat over Discord so I can be 100% prepeared for the lesson.

The lesson plan depends on what you choose be it Ladder play, Arena or Tournament Preperation.
We will go your decks together, see what works, what can be improved and make a new deck if required. You will also have access to my newest decklists at any time. 

We will go together over the mulligan, anayse each decision and its impact on the game and try to play every single turn optimally. After the game we will review what went well/wrong and try to improve the decklist until we find the most refined version for the current meta.

Before we even realize it we will have probably hit Legend already! 

For arena the same things apply with drafting replacing the deckbuilding proccess. 

List of Achievements

  • #15 Legend March 2016 on EU
  • TOP 4 Legend - S1 EU
  • The Pinnacle 2 Main Event
  • Wombology Side Event
  • Gamers United New Years Launch Event
  • Gamer's Origin Cup #2
  • The Pinnacle 2 Qualifier
  • Athens Hearthstone Challenge
  • Brawler's Inn LAN Finals
  • EIZO Community Cup #3 Finals

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