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“I'm an arena coach, and I can coach midrange zoo. Highest rank is rank 1.”

I can coach people up to rank 5 in constructed. I have a good amount of experiencing grinding all the way up to the high ranks before getting tired of grinding. I have taken midrange zoo to one star away from legend, and oil rogue to rank 5. So I could help beginners-intermediate players in constructed, but I really shine in arena.

I currently have 7k gold at the moment and I spent about 2 months coaching people for free last summer to prepare for this. During my coaching sessions I have only gotten one 12 win arena run but it was a 12-0 so that's nice. I started coaching for money about 3 weeks ago on r/hscoaching and have had some pretty happy customers. Here's a link with some recommendations.

I love playing arena and mainly only play that. I've been infinite for about 2 years now. I'm not that bad in constructed either but I like arena too much to play constructed much. One weird thing I prefer doing is getting to meet people before a run. It helps to know how someone thinks before I can more fully explain my thought process in a clear way.

I am currently in college majoring in Economics and French. Hearthstone is the first game I've taken seriously, but I am currently trying to get into some competitive smash 4. My favorite decks in arena are Rogue and Hunter. My least favorite class is Mage because I just find it boring. 

I'm very close to going on vacation so soon my schedule will clear up a lot! Which will also give me time to start playing ladder and possibly coach that too in the future.


Typical Lesson Plan

Having a lesson plan is a bit difficult for Arena but don't worry too much about it. Most of it is going to be on the spot but the same general lessons apply. I use skype and its screenshare option to guide you through the draft. You tell me your picks then I tell you my thoughts and my picks. Then I just spectate you in Hearthstone and we basically do the same thing. You will have roughly about 30 seconds to say your play and I will tell you my play or just agree with you and recommend some board placements, so a yes doesn't usually mean go for it. It usually just means we won't rope but I may take a few extra seconds to figure out board positioning. I will also have a stopwatch going on for fear of roping. 

My substitutes for a real lesson plan are some basic/general guides. This includes stuff like the basics of Mulligans and deck building. These are word documents which will be available to you as long as you request it and give me an email to send it to... or check under publications. These are currently the only ones I have available because I just started coaching but I may have more. I have finished the general mulligan tips and am halfway done with "How should my deck look". This will be a general discussion on the advantages of certain heroes and how we should take advantage of them in deck building.

List of Achievements

  • I've gotten someone a 12-0 during a free arena run

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