“Unlock your full potential! Ladder or Battlegrounds, Beginner or advanced”

I'm a very experienced professional player, not only in ladder but many national and international tournaments, both online and live. I'm also a very experienced teacher.

I'll help you unlock your full potential in hearthstone, whether you want to become the world's greatest player or simply improve your skills. 

I will teach any level, from experienced legend or tournament players to complete beginners.

Typical Lesson Plan

The coaching lessons will be as follows (please note that all of these steps are guidelines which can be modified and/or skipped if the client so desires):

1. First off I will ask you what your goals are, whether it is to reach legend top 1 or to just improve your gameplay.

2. Secondly we will cover the many different aspects of hearthstone: meta analysis, deck building and theorycraft, tilting strategies, probability-oriented game optimization... Everything from the most basic aspects to the most advanced ones.

3. We will start creating our own decks. If you have a particular deck in mind we can start by analysing it instead.

4. We will start playing ranked matches. Before each turn is complete I will ask you how you would play it and why. Then, I will tell you why your move is or isn't the most optimal. If it isn't the optimal one, I will point out which one is and explain it.

5. This is where you ask questions and/or make suggestions.

If you aren't in legend rank yet we will probably reach it during our coaching but the key aspect is to understand the optimal playing style for you and knowing how to navigate within it.

List of Achievements

  • Rank 1 Legend NA
  • Lisbon Open Cup
  • Rank 2 Legend EU
  • ESL 1 on 1 tournament 2013
  • ESL 1 on 1 tournament 2014
  • Dreamhack Valencia top 20
  • Dreamhack Austin top 30

I currently stream courses for Programming Fundamentals and some hearthstone as well.

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