“Top 100 in December Season. Add me on Skype for Coaching Tmiller1994”

Hi my name is TerrenceM. I have played Hearhstone since November 2013 during closed beta and have gotten legend every season since test season 3. I have 14 years of tcg experience mainly in Yugioh and Pokemon so competitive Hearthstone was an easy adaptation for me. I have multiple top 100 finishes and tournament wins and my highest legend rank is 2.

If you have any questions contact me through skype: Tmiller1994

Twitter: @TerrenceMHS

Typical Lesson Plan

I mainly play constructed and tournaments so I would prefer to do ladder or conquest coaching but I can also do arena coaching.

For coaching sessions we would be in a voice call (skype, teamspeak, google hangout,etc) and I would be spectating your game or having you screenshare.

  • At the start of the coaching session the first thing we would do is go over what the current meta is and decide which deck you want to play and discuss the strengths it has in the current meta.
  • The next thing we would do is go over your decks. Now that we know what the meta is we have to tune our decks to what other people are playing. We will make changes if necessary and I will explain why these changes are being made.
  • From here most of the coaching will be about in-game decisions. Optimizing mulligans, optimal play for the turn, when to play safe and when you have to take risk,etc.

I will start each turn by asking you what the play you would make is to get an idea of what your mindset is and then if there is a better play I will explain why that play would be better. Some coaches just tell people what the optimal play is and I dont think that helps to make you a better player and is basically just playing for you. 

List of Achievements

  • Highest Legend Rank: 2
  • Ended July 2014: 22nd Legend
  • Ended August 2014 56th
  • Ended December 2014 67th
  • Ended March 2015 26th
  • Ended July 2015 76th
  • Managrind Friday Night Swiss 16
  • Managrind MLG Open 24
  • Managrind MLG Open 26
  • Reason Gaming FNH #1
  • Golden Egg #7
  • Soulfire Masters
  • Tavern Brawl League #3
  • Top 8 TeSpa North American Collegiate Hearthstone Open

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