2 hours given
Rôle Rifle, Sniper, Leader
Rank The Global Elite
Others English, German

“I share over 10 years of CS Experience with you :) [ ENG / GER ]”

About Me

Hey my Name is 'Dominik'! I have been playing Counter Strike in general since early 1.6 ( ~ 12 years now!).

I am playing since 2007 on the competetive level.

I played in diffrent semi-professional Teams back in CS:S.

I play CS:GO since 2013 now, and got the 'Global Elite' rank in the first Month i started playing CS:GO.
Feel free to have a look at some of my Competetive Accounts : ESL 2007 Account 'Trusted Pro', ESEA in Contact with alot of Pros (almost ^^), CEVO. My Faceit LvL is 10 and my highest Elo was around 3200.

IRL I am 26 years old, currently studying law in Germany since 2012.

I am very patient and I take your time to improve gameplay very seriously.

All in all I am gladly sharing my over 10 year Counter-Strike experience which includes various tricks and tactics.

Before taking a leasson please Contact me on my Steam here.

!But before u add me, leave a Comment in my Steam Guestbook that u added me bc of Coaching.!




Typical Lesson Plan

First of all, the lesson obviously depends of how much hours you'll take, i can't do everything in just one hour, though i think just one can be really helpful to see what are your usual mistakes and how to fix them :).
I'll detail how usually a 1 or 2 hour(s) lesson goes, since they are the more common :

- First of all, i'll check ur Gear and Settings u are playing with. ( Hardware / in Game Settings ) :)
- Then, we'll talk about what you think is blocking you from being better (if you don't know we can do without, though it's better to come to a lesson when you know what you are not good at :D), and then see what we'll doing to improve that.
- For example, if you think your problem is your positioning as a CT on Maps, im gonna show u how to hold a Site or when to flash, what kind of flash etc. , if its ur aiming we gonna hopp on a server and Ill show u some tricks how to improve ur aim.
- For Gamesense or Tactic Problems we gonna go for a Game together, but i think the best way to improve is by analyzing replays.

~ A lesson is way better if you have some replays of some games where you don't understand where you lost, or when you know that you performed badly. ~

- At the end of the lesson, of course you can ask me any question (i'll keep you on steam anyway, so you can ask whenever).

Of course, if you don't like how i proceed, be free to ask me if you want to proceed another way (like duoq'ing, or if you wanna pay to watch some of my games).

I can also teamcoaching.

Important : Dont expect to become Global Elite in 1 hour. Im gonna show u what ur Problems are and how to improve them. To know ur own weakness is the first step to become better. And I am here to show u how to get better. But at the end i cant play for u :P.



List of Achievements

  • 2008 - 2009 i was #6 in Europe Ladder 1on1 MR15
  • Endless Number of Cups ESL

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