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“Never say it impossible”

Hello guys,


My name is MOHAMED AYMANE "Glaspaxx" SFOULI, I'm 18 years old. I'm a semi-professional player.

I started playing counter strike in 2010 in cyber-cafe

And my strong point that i speak English,Spanish,French,Arabic and japanese

I have decided to do coaching for a few reasons, I love working with enthusiastic players, who desperately want to get better. I also think it will improve me as a player as i can learn from my students and teach them from my mistakes. 

i have over 3500 hours in csgo

Typical Lesson Plan

(before the lesson send me 1-2 VODs,comp matches, ESEA matches, I will make notes and have ideas and write down things I find of importance that can and will drastically improve your gameplay)


  • Talk about aims and goals of you personally as a player eg do you want to go pro?, do you just want to rank up?, just need some tips and tricks? What problems you are having with the game.

  • Examine a VOD or comp match together point out some uncommon mistakes and ways you could've taken the fight differently, tell you about the notes i have taken after the match and how i think you could improve most effectively

      Then during the lessons go into depth about the following topics!

  • Crosshair placement
  • movement
  • Clutch situations
  • Utility usages; Grenades,smokes,flashes
  • In game leading (stratagies for different maps and executes)
  • Off angles
  • jiggle peeking
  • when you crouch when not to crouch 
  • talk about spray control vs burst vs tapping
  • Talk about teamplay, if you are in a team vs solo eg solo executes towards sites and helping get picks. (Crossfires) and advanced teamplay
  • Warmup routine and practise schedule. 


List of Achievements

  • Moroccan league
  • 2vs2 mustang gaming
  • faceit online league

if u want a get fun come and enjoy

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