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Rôle Rifle

“Professional player for Legacy Gaming, playing in Oceania region”

Play Professionally For Legacy Gaming in Oceania(AUS/NZ).

Alias : soju_j

Age: 20

Language : Fluent English, can speak a bit of Korean

Contacting me:Online almost everyday, so you can leave me a message and I will reply within few hours at the latest using steam of course.

Available 10am - 12pm and 12am - 3am NZST(New Zealand Time)

Steam Profile :

Comment on Profile saying your adding for coaching thanks if you want lessons! 



Typical Lesson Plan

First lesson: Get to know your skill level by going through some pov demos of yourself from either scrims you've played in or pugs u have played in. Talk to you in details what you need to work on and give you some YouTube videos for reference(only some parts).

Second lesson: Getting deeper into what we were doing in lesson 1 by analysing a certain pro player and understanding why he does what he does. Also after first lesson, after every demo we go over, i will give you notes on the things you can improve on so you can always go back to it.


Third lesson and Onward: Now at this point it is YOU who choose what u want to do. We can go through smokes, you can ask questions for the whole lesson, can go though more pro demos or pov demos and many more. At this point it's really up to you on what you want to work on. 

List of Achievements

  • #5 In AU/NZ
  • IEM Sydney Closed Qualifier lower bracket
  • Australian Esports Masters Season #4

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