“Professional player from Serbia”

Hello, i am Dejan "d3k1" Kosanovic from Serbia and i'm 21 years old. I'm playing Counter-Strike since 2006. My main weapon is usually AWP and i was IGL in my previous teams mostly. I am inactive at the moment, my last tournament was WESG - World Electronic Sports Game in Barcelona (1.5 million $), where we played versus teams like FNATIC, AGO, Fragsters and Limitless. I played for Serbian national team aswell where we had some good results in 2014 and 2015. At the moment, i am playing in hubs like FPL Challenger, MakeMyBet, BalkanProLeague...

I would like to offer coaching which would be suitable for all levels. The idea is to speed up the process of your improvement, notice the flaws, further upgrade your strong sides and/or recognize what's been missing in your game in order for you to become better.


Typical Lesson Plan

1) lesson sessions (we join up an empty server where I would discuss the philosophy of maps, set ups, utility usage, angles, prefire etc)

2) duo lobby (MM, FACEit, ESEA) where you'd pick up tips and tricks directly from me)

3) demo review (whether it's a demo of an individual or your team's demo that needs to be reviewed, I'll take in depth analysis of things that need working on, as well as point out everything significant - I could even record that so you'd have a video you can rewind or fast forward whenever you want so you don't forget anything)

4) developing you in a particular role you want (in game leader, sniper, rifler, support player, entry fragger)

5) developing a particular segment you've noticed you need improving (crosshair placement, aim, 1v1 or other clutch situations, nade usage, smokes in particular maps etc)

List of Achievements

  • IeSF South-East Europe Qualifier
  • GamePub Calling LAN Tournament
  • OMEN HP LAN Tournament
  • First Serbian League
  • WESG 2017 South East Europe Qualifier

If you wish to support me by donating, then feel free to do so as it helps a lot & every donation is much appreciated! This features a custom message on the stream and the minimum amount is 1€. Please understand that donations are non-refundable.

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